LOL , this is the first time I see such a huge drop in animation within one episode! During the first 5 min , the studio burst all their money into making one of the best animated pitch I ever seen with flying grass and soaring ball . However , after that , the animation took such a huge drop , all the characters speak without opening their mouth! All the scene is like using 5 frame and string it together while looping it 3 to 4 times . It is so funny seeing the transition of a decent animation turning into Akikan out of the sudden . Too bad I stream the episode and can’t supply any animated gif for you to see what I meant . So the only way to know what I am talking about is to watch almost 40 episode of major to reach the LOL episode 17 .

Ofuuri is also a victim of Major episode 17 . It is like the supporter crowd have more screen time than some of the side characters . You can see the two same cheering scene span for almost 8 episode while taking about 2 min of screen time per episode! However their baseball scene is very well done and that’s all that matters .

With that said , I will like Cross Game to do that as well . Burst all their budget in making exciting matches and do some shortcut on some of the other less important scene . Because seriously , even though Cross Game baseball scene is watchable , it doesn’t have enough tension . See episode 9 and the episode on the second battle with the first team for examples, those really look dull and weak , so much so that less important scene like customer visiting Clover Cafe is more well animated than them! I know Cross Game is a show about interpersonal relationship , but you must admit that baseball play a important part to make the show good as well .

After watching 3 different baseball series , I can safely tell you that even if they dwell in to the same topic , there are still many different ways in executing them . A simple breakdown for this 3 series below.

Ofuuri dwell on a lot about the technical aspect of baseball . You definitely won’t enjoy it as much as you should if you know shit about baseball because every thing is about strategies after strategies . Every play is important and have different ways to go about it , psychology warfare and technical skill played a huge part . So if you ever want to learn baseball , just play a simple baseball arcade game and watch Ofuuri . I learned about baseball by doing that . Hence it is not too far stretch to say that Ah Eikou No Koshien and Ofuuri teaches me baseball like how the GBA game and manga of Hikaru no Go teaches me go. Of course , you need to read up and watch some matches to comprehend it better.

Cross Game:

Cross Game dwell on a lot about romance and interpersonal relationship . Those took like 60 % of the show and the other 40% on baseball. The baseball is also easy to understand like the episode of Haruhi’s baseball/Clannad episode 1 . There are some technical terms here and there but all you need to know is how talented  Kou and Azuma are . It is unlike Ofuuri whereby you need to know baseball to understand why their play are great , that’s why this is the best baseball series that anyone ranging from girls to sissy boy can get into . It got lots of drama that is not relevance to baseball anyway.


Major is like the mixed between Cross Game and Ofuuri . There are more technical aspect than Cross Game but less detail play than Ofuuri . It have a lot more drama than Ofuuri but lesser than Cross Game . Major unsurprisingly is the series that got bashed the most because it is full of shonen cliche like side characters that got forgot after one arc , manly spirit , never say die value, retard but talented main character and etc . However , it have lots and lots of exciting baseball game . Their non stop slick action and semi unrealistic  baseball make it very enjoyable . It is those kind of series whereby the whole family can seat down and watches it . People without much knowledge of baseball can enjoy it as well because unlike ofuuri , you will know that their play is awesome because most of the times , it is just showcasing how good Goro is . It also teaches lots of family values and such as you can expect from a series targeted for children . It is really very good like Hajime no Ippo( I haven’t watch this but from what I know , they are the same kind.) type of good . The growth of Goro and the spirit of underdog really just did the magic . Of course , people will just deem it as a retard shonen for sure , however , it is not like what they love are anymore cleverer . Like I said before , Major is made of majority accepted winning formula , not cliche that make you bored.

Those that hate shonen should learn to accept it and not deem it as a negative connotation , it is like I got so many hate comments when I say Higurashi is a shonen . With that said , people liked the power of friendship in Higurashi and that  just show that they love shonen element as well . Therefore it will be a oxymoron if you  hate shonen while liking a weaker shonen cliche such as the power of friendship in Higurashi .

As for those that only like “intelligent/ghibli/mindfuck/photoshop filter” anime ,then good for you , but I must say that you really need to loosen up and enjoy life .  I know it is fun to bash shitty stuff , but I will still choose to take the path of  ignoring things that I hate and enjoy those that I find enjoyable. I got enough wrinkles for hating Higurashi and K-on already .