Now my favourite past time during midnight when I can’t sleep is to cook some food to eat . However , if you washes the dish or used the wok , it may disturb those who are sleeping , that’s why I always steam my food .

“Hey man, but I don’t have a steamer!” you said , but fret not , your rice cooker is the best steamer in the world . You won’t need to clean up anything or what as well . Even if there are some rice left over in the pot , you won’t need to clean it . All you need to do is to add in any amount of water , at least enough for it to boil for 15 min . Then place your food inside a bowl . After that , just place the bowl inside the rice cooker . With that ,on the power then daa daa , watch some anime and all is ready to eat.

With that you can steam hotdogs , nugget , eggs and whatever you want . My favourite is steam potato because it is the easiest to prepare and the taste itself without adding anything is already great , not to mention , filling as well . You just need to remove all the budding  . After 15min or so , take it out and cut it . The skin will peel off easily itself . With that , you can have a filling meal without disturbing others sleep because the whole course of action is almost silence due to the lack of metal hitting metal when frying or what not . There is also no oil added .

It is fast and more convenient then instant noodle because the only washing up is to pour away used water. Washing a rice cooker is definitely easier then washing steam pot , wok or what not .Even with left over rice , adding water and cooking it together with your food in bowl will help turn the rice into porridge and every thing will come off easily .You won’t waste gas as well . Of course , cup noodle is still the best but it is definitely not as manly as using your rice cooker to cook potato.

Fyi , I am not even joking with this post because I do that almost everyday . I did not die or get critically ill or get fat after eating the food so it is definitely safe(?). Or maybe those things never happened to me because I am manly . With that said ,the latter sound more plausible .

PS Next time I will like to try Ja-pan number 2 to see if it will work or not.