Recently , the fall season list is updated and there are lots of interesting kid show being added . Now , I love kid show because I don’t have this strange ego of an adult or teenager whereby I will get embarrassed if people know that I am enjoying them.  Actually I don’t read understand this ” it is for kid” stuff” in the first place . If it is enjoyable , why care about if it is for kids? Why when Ghibli do a kid movie , everyone  praises it ? Where did their usual ego went to? With that , I want to make a point that even  even if the series is targeted towards kids , if it is well done like The Iron Giant , Ups , Totoro , Cross Game , Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ,Pokemon season 1, Digimon , Major , Mahoujin Guru Guru or Ponyo , it will still be great .

I brought this up because almost everyone , regardless of anime fan or your usual retards , mark off kid show and think that watching them isn’t cool even if it is good . They have this amusing ego of thinking that if you watches cartoons , you are immature .  This is pretty funny because it doesn’t actually make any sense! Why does enjoying cartoons make you immature? Just because they are targeted for kids doesn’t means that adult can’t enjoy them. Even if it is being dumbed down for kids , it doesn’t make those mindless hollywood flick  anymore intelligent than them . If you enjoyed retarded CGI rendered mindless Hollywood Flick like transformer 2 , it doesn’t  make you a retard , so why do liking “immature” cartoon make you  immature? In return ,what I find more immature is actually people , especially teens that denies cartoon because they want to look more like an adult .

Hmm , trying to be an adult , where do I heard them from? AH ha , people hated Mirai from TM8.0 due to that ! Even without Mirai , I know you have seen many cases of idiotic and annoying teenager trying to be an adult by acting dumb . Why are they annoying? Because they are still immature yet trying to act mature by having immature thoughts which when clustered all those 3 together made them a joke . Easy as that . What’s more is that, those that made the most noise about cartoons or anime being cartoons are teenagers . How do I know that? Because if you are mature enough , you won’t even care what is the name of the medium you are watching. So what if anime are cartoons? Does that make watching anime more embarrassing? No man , enjoying watching 16 years old that look like 5 acting all cute while peeing on their pants is more embarrassing than anything else.

I just don’t get it , even if there are mature series like gits and lain , it doesn’t make them less enjoyable if they are indeed  cartoons.  Also, I don’t see American getting all raged up when I say Family Guy is a cartoon , unless you are saying that Family guy  is targeted to kid .  So why don’t we just accept that there are different type of cartoon cater to different age group . Now now , I know what you are doing now , copying and pasting the definition of cartoon to flame me off . If you are really doing it , then please do so, because I want flame , but I also want to say that you don’t get what I mean . It is not about the definition itself , it is how people acted toward the word  . Even if people are warding off anime because they are cartoon or what , they are the one that are losing out  , so why care? I have cared enough about others bad taste so much so that I am just apathetic now even if you put Rosario To Vampire above series like Planet ES .

To sum it all up , people should be just apathetic about stereotype while not confining themselves to words like “cartoon” or “anime” and just enjoy things that are truly enjoyable . Don’t care about the targeted audience or demography if you enjoyed it , and don’t be ashamed about liking kid series or shonen . In other words , don’t rage when I said Higurashi is a shonen even when I gave lots of reason of why I called it that.

Now if you missed my first bold word , “good” , and proceed in telling me that enjoying really  children(more like infant) stuff that teaches you 1+1 =2 with endearing mascot or the story of tom eating candy and get a bad toothache which  I don’t have any reason to watch it  makes me a retard , then please do so . Also , yes , you are right , I am generalizing that most teenagers are immature in the third paragraph .

If you are wandering about the oversize random naruto , bleach and pikachu images . I am actually placing them to earn hits through google image search because I think this post is worth the time to read . Otherwise , it is almost impossible to garner attention toward post like this . However I don’t really want too much attention for my other weaker post , so no shameless publicizing on aggregator and such . With that said , my many other above average post that deserve more attention fell into the abyss of void due to the lack of images , but I am too lazy to do random image rape . Also , most people won’t read it still even if it garner hits through google image search , but at least 1 of them will read it , I hope. Otherwise , random image rape is just pointless if it is irrelevance to the post itself




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I like pikachu.