I actually wrote a 500 words post about people writing about giving their condolence to author’s death being pointless and hypocritical but the death of so many author’s shocked me so much that I can’t write anything that make any sense , so I delete it away.

I am definitely shocked , but not depress , because the only thing that linger me with the author is their work . However , that linger isn’t really that strong enough for me to feel anything for their death or give my condolence about .  Just enough to warrant a shock for their sudden disappearance .

After the shock , I admit that I do feel a tiny bit of sadness because I won’t be able to see  their work that I like from them anymore. However , to make things clear , this sadness is definitely not the sadness that people felt when they lost their love one . That’s why I won’t go as far like worrying about their family or give my condolence to them or even cry for them . In other words , even if I grieve , I will grieve for their work , not because I have lost someone special .

Also ,not to mention , it is quite an oxymoron to give condolence to the deceased author when the only thing you did is illegally download their work for your own enjoyment .So it really make me wonder if your condolence are condolence for the sake of condolence or are  actually those sincere one. Seriously though , you don’t really need to write out your useless condolence in the first place just to make you look less of a jerk , they are pointless and those deceased authors won’t need them . It is the thought that counts , and even though if you really grieve , you are most likely like what I said above , grieving on the work that you have feeling for rather than the author’s death itself , so it is best to keep everything to yourself and not spam any forum with your condolence.

All in all , just shut up . It doesn’t make you evil if you don’t give your condolence for the deceased , just don’t act like a jerk and talk bad about them is enough .

PS . There are no factual information about this , but I felt that the hiatus for hunter x hunter author is really really very dangerous  ,  best is that my concerns are unneeded .

*This post may need further revision if necessary .