I got touched by the last episode of Azumanga Daioh , not because of the show itself but because of the alternate setting of the show from my imagination whereby all the characters have a gender swap . Won’t it be wonderful if all the characters are male? Then you can see lots of manly action like manly tears for graduation day and how they endure through their highschool life while having fun .

You see , there are lots of  school life slice of life series out there , but Genshiken is the only few that has more male  main character than female one. Now I wished for a clique of male friends not because I am gay but because I am a boy myself . Seeing a group of friends of male is definitely more relatable than seeing a group of female . Isn’t that simple? Also , I am tired of seeing a group of little girl already , what I want to see is how the anime will turn out if it is a group of boy , just imagine all the brotherly relationship and hot blooded speech , it can’t fail definitely .

Along the way ,beside  some mundane stuff , the series can add in some tiny bit of serious business like relationship problems , every boy love to talk about that .  Every character also must be  an average boy , normal and realistic to enhance the relatability . No fucking boy that look like girl definitely . With that , it will definitely remind all the manly man about the day when they are young and manly while shedding their manly tears.

This kind of series had made it on a lot of medium already , but there is a lack of anime adaption of it . We really need it for the refresh from the usual boring group of female friends . So come on everyone , am I the only one that think that seeing a school life slice of life of a male clique will be the best touching story ever?

Now back to the topic about Azumanga Daioh . It is quite ok because it at least have some sort of linear storyline . Osaka character is also quite well done . The character design is a mixture of hot and cute so that is good as well . All in all , it should be one of the best group of female friend doing mundane stuff type of series . Be wary , best in that shitty genre isn’t really that much of a  feat though.