Major  is the fastest paced anime I ever seen , with only 129 episode , it already covered almost 66 volume of the manga while adding its own tiny original bits such as Ryoko and Ayane scene. That’s really a feat when considering that one piece and naruto have almost 400+ episode and yet only covered at most like below 40 volumes . Major was able to do that because it doesn’t add in any filler , it take the course of breaking up the episode into seasons and air it when it have enough material for a full blown filler less series . Not to mention , there are already a lot of material to cover when the anime adaptation first started because it was almost 10 years after the manga start serialising when the first episode aired. However , now it  had started to catch up ,  I guess we have to wait at least one year for another season .

Even though I am really anticipating season 6 , I must say that Major odd to end soon . There is nothing much Goro can pursued anymore . The only thing left is winning the Major league , All star game , Playoff and maybe pitting against Mayumura and Toshi . With that said , everything can actually be resolve after 2 more arcs . If the author decided to drag on , he will make Goro lose the Major and let him try again on the next arc . However , if he really do that , it will really lose its own novelty because seriously , even though I liked season 5 , it has lost a lot of charm and started to get boring .

People agreed that season 4 is the worst out of the 5 but I think season 5 was the weakest . Season 5  matches somehow was not as exciting as the past 4 season. There was a lack of passion and underdog values . No one was shocked by Goro skills and he didn’t bat anymore . Also , in this season , Goro’s rival is Joe Gibson, hence the only thing they could  compete is how many player they could strike out . There wasn’t  any actual battle between the two , hence no tension of rivalry .

My next complain is that the drama department was weak . Toshi’s long lost sister and the relationship between  the main couple is also sub par when compare to season 1 . There is also a lack of emotional scene of achievement . At least season 4 have the Sanders’s hero episode and the last battle between Goro and Junior  , season 5 have almost none . The only few that I can think of is the Tendo episode and maybe the  collapse of Joe Gibson . However , the collapse of Joe Gibson is so anti climax and such a buzz killer whereby you know that USA won’t lose anymore , it is just not that good  .

The lack of sprouting manly line is another killer.Not to mention , everyone know that Junior will win because he sprout cheesy line before he hit ,  but Goro only say something like “hit it if you can” . That is so obvious in who will win the battle , not good at all . Goro should also sprout cheesy line about his father to make the competition fair . That will add in more tension as is won’t be so predictable .

All in all , it doesn’t touch me as much as the other 4 season does . Not to mention , the lousy op  is so lousy , it can’t be played on the final match like how the other 4 season does .  Be aware that the op is actually quite decent though , but just because it is used in Major , it turn sucky due to the first 4 season song being so hot blooded , it makes the season 5 op look like some children singing song .  Now you know why the final episode played Kokoro e , the best song in Major, rather than that Hey Hey Alright or whatever .

Still , after so much complain , season 5 wins every anime this year . I must say that only Cross Game is on par with it . Now the only thing left is the Major movie , but I think I will finish it after I finish other shorter series . The first stop will be Azumanga Daioh . I finished 22 episode on Tv this February but put it on hold till now . It is only 4 episode + one movie so it should be easy to get rid of , considering that I can marathon almost 18 to 20 episode on Major in a day .

After Azumanga , I think I will finished off Eden of the East because I stopped at episode 7 , LOL. Then after that , I may finish off kamichu and Someday dreamer spinoff then challenge Moblie Suit Gundam or Eureka 7 . Wish me luck . Also , I must run again. Marathoning 20 episode of Major messed up my bio clock , so much so that I lost lots of chances and mood to run . Think along the line of waking up at 2 or 4 pm in the afternoon to get an idea.