Naruto , bleach and One piece .

1. Umizaru

Umizru is a very interesting manga with a very interesting setting about Maritime Rescue . It dwells on issue about  values of life and courage of living . Lots of tragedies happened and it definitely will incur your manly tears . One of the most touching manga I ever read , one of my favourite as well .

2.Haruka Na Machi E

It is a story about time traveling , not those shitty children  going pre historic time and meet Jurassic Park type of time travelling , it is something more emotional and mature than that. It talks about a middle age man whom is also a stubborn old man living off his grumpy little life . However ,  one day , when he got very drunk , he remembered his tragic past and sort of collapse infront of a staircase and is then transported back into the past .  Then his own story unveil , he understand more about life and started to redeem himself . He wanted to change his history … … spoiler , not continuing .

I remembered that this manga impacted me so much , I broke down to tears after the final chapter . I am even having goosebumps now  just by thinking  how awesome it is . It is definitely one of my favourite manga as well .
For some tidbits , the author is Taniguchi Jiro , a very talented artist that drew realistic characters and touching storylines that dwell on  the society of Japan . I read that his manga contain quite a lot of violence as well .

3. Poppoya Love Letter

Poppoya Love Letter are two short story , complied into one volume . It is adapted from a novel and there is also a live action adaption for the stories . Both stories are interesting and touching , especially Poppoya . It is about a old train chef , working his last few days of work due to the train station closing down soon . During that last few days , he remembered about his family ….. a bittersweet story continues . The manliness of the character and his passion in his work will definitely incur your manly tears . As for Love letter , it is also a bittersweet story about human trafficking .

4. Family Compo

Lesbian , gay and ultimate genderbending , so ultimate that it might as well be   the most ultimate one out there . However unlike most shitty genderbending story out there , it dwells on lots about homosexual issues and their social stigma .  It is also a story about outing oneself and how we should accept gay and lesbian  . Nevertheless , although it has its own fair share of harem and comedy , it is definitely more mature than almost 75% of the manga out there.

The author is Hojo Tsukasa , famed for series such as Angel Heart , City Hunters and Cat Eyes . That’s why you are promised with hot realistic women and wacky stories .

5. 奈津之藏 (Natsu no Kura)

奈津之藏 is a historical story about making wine . The story dwells on about equality in gender , whereby women worked hard to prove themselves . It is a story about a dainty girl turning into a strong women after his husband died during a war . She took over the whole wine  factory and work hard to continue it . During her time , it is said that women jinx the fermentation  of wine  hence the overturning this superstition is really awesome and some sort of manly .

Other series that worth mentioning is Onani Master Kurosawa, but it is so popular now that I don’t need to write about it . Eva retake is also a must read for those that had finished Eva TV series as well . That doujin is even better than the TV series itsekf and that says a lot .

All the manga that I mentioned in this post are in my top 10. Most of them are emotional , healing and touching . Their art style are also realistic and differ from you usual mang. They are really one of its kind and totally divert from your usual shonen fare . Definitely a must read . Not to mention , those stories are really mature and deep without any pretentious symbolism or psychological theory . It also doesn’t mindfuck you to make itself  look deep and mature . Everything is spelt out properly without any ambiguity . Those stories also teaches you valuable lesson that are  definitely as beneficial as reading a novel . So do read it if you have the chance to do so .