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I am thinking of watching Genius Party Beyond , Musashi and Barefoot Gen 1&2 , it is $10 per ticket though. If any of you are interested in any movie , tell me , so I can make some plan  . That being say , I will most likely watch Musashi only if I am going alone , which is also most likely the case since I am a ornery loser that doesn’t bath .

Lol , after saying so much , I think I am the only one among my group that is excited about this , so I don’t think I will get any response from this futile attempt. Not to mention ,paying $10 for some shitty Japanese cartoon that screen during 6 and 9pm is like so uncool and such a waste of money. People prefer to watch Transformer 2 twice rather than doing that .

More details here if you are lazy to surf the site.

Venue:Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore

Price: $10 per movie


animation nation schedule

Musashi    Oct 15 (Thursday) 6pm or Oct 20(tue) 9pm

Genius Party Beyond  Oct 18(sunday) 9pm or Oct 20(tue) 6pm

Barefoot Gen 1& 2  Oct 19 (monday) 6pm and 9pm , screening back to back .

If you are interested in other screening like that Israel animation or what not , tell me , I am interested in those too .