If you follow this blog 24/7 , you might notice that I wrote an impression post about Samurai Champloo before , but after a few hours , it was taken down . I took it down because that post is a disgrace , a big discredit  for the series .

Samurai Champloo caught me by surprise and show me something that I least expected it . I always have this prejudice of it being some mindless random samurai flick but I was wrong , it is more than that . The plots hold depth under the disguise of wacky humour and I must say that those depth are definitely concepts that people can  gain something from . There are underlying values , concepts and theme that the series wants to convey in every episode . One such example is episode 6 that talks about that funny Holland guy . Shinichiro Watanabe cleverly used slapstick humour to touch on issues such as abnormality and acceptance of minority in that episode. Clearly , I can’t give more examples because I am only at episode 6 now but let me just say that except from episode 1 , some of the dialogues from the other episode convey interesting ideas that are unique and hold some depth , like that villan theory in episode 4.

People might say that those are pseudo depth or gimmicks or even cheap attempt of trying to look less shallow but I can’t agree to that . Depth is something self defined and it differ from person to person.  Of course there are still differences in quality of depth , it is like I can forcefully give some depth to Love Hina by saying that it teaches you that love need courage and determination , however , is that the true message the author intend or just a gimmicky plot device to drag the story on? Not to mention , even if this message is really the true intention of the author himself , that  message is already done to death and it doesn’t enlighten or supply motivation to anyone anymore .

With that said , I do believe that Samurai Champloo’s depth is those with quality one , for onc , it is already a level higher than 80% of the series out there . Like I say above , it touches on issue that are of more substance such as acceptance of minority and the villan theory . It supply a different and interesting viewpoint to those issue at hand and do give its own answer and conclusions to it .Not to mention , the clever use of comedy to convey and lighten up the mood iwas just brilliant.

Another thing that I adored about Samurai Champloo was that even with depth , it was simple to understand . It simplify complicated issue while making it clear on what it wanted to convey , unlike lots of series out there . To name a few , Howl Moving Castle( I don’t know for sure whether this movie is just simply worthless or mindfuck onslaught that my intellect can’t comprehend ), Tekkon Krineet and Evangelion .It is like I don’t even get what those three series wanted to say ultimately . They  uses lots of wtf story/abstract arts/bible symbolism relatively to  complicate issues that are already complicated . Even  if they are truly gems that convey awesome lesson , if 70% of the people don’t know what shit they are watching ,then what is the use of them?

Of course , you might say that I don’t get them because I am a retard that watches Kanokon but I have seen stuff that talks about intelligent , complex yet understandable issues . Planetes , Monster , Eden of the East , GITS , Eden: It’s an Endless World  and Twelve Kingdom are some examples. Not to mention , those series have stories that make sense to normal human being like me .

That said , I don’t attack series like Tekkon Krineet and Evangelion because I do believe that they do have substance that I don’t know of. Still , I place those comprehensible yet complex series  above those mindfuck ones in terms of depth because they are enjoyable and beneficial(? Definitely the wrong choice of word but my vocabulary is limited). Not to mention , simplifying complicated stuff  is the most intelligent thing in this world , for me that is .

Final word : Don’t frigging waste your money on the Samurai Champloo manga , those are worthless and mindless adaption that doesn’t do the original justice . However , I must thank the shitty manga though, because without them , the animated series won’t exceed my expectation and be so enjoyable for me .

BTW , I am still on episode 6 so I am not sure whether those “pseudo deep” stuff will continue or not , with that , this post will be revised if neccessay.