After getting my Mother Tongue script back for Composition, the marks was of such a shocking value that I was wondering if I had taken someone’s else paper.

Well it must be, since I can’t even read the name written on that paper.

Shit. It’s mine after all.

Let’s not discuss about the result here shall we, but about the reason that brought about such a misfortune.

Two words that were written on my script was “离题”. Not being able to comprehend this 2 sophisticated words that doesn’t seem to exist in any English dictionary, I went up to ask my teacher to explain the secrets hidden behind these 2 words.


Heck, what alien language was that? But it seemed that my teacher understood the agony that was expressed on my face, and the conversation continued.

“你可根本就没写那女孩有个多么美丽的心, 而却是把那男女的爱情给一一精确的讲解. 这就是你离题的原因.”

Okay, I was just bluffing that I couldn’t understand what my teacher said, but I find that I did not “离题” that badly as mentioned. I mean, I did give some examples and elaborate on the fine details! But since teachers are sophisticated, educated personnels in the education circle of iron bowls employees, I guess I have no choice but to agree (for now) with what they criticize upon me.

No, it’s not that I’m having a grudge against them or something, they do teach us things about the good things in life actually. Especially from those that you hate to the core. You’ll start to think that maybe being forced to eat your vegetables is such a bliss.

Yes, I do accept that I tend to be out of point pretty frequent, with most of my friends not being to understand what I’m trying to convey. It is mostly, other than the fact that I don’t really listen to what they say, that I prefer to beat around the bush. [Although I have not tried beating around one literally… Must try that out sometime soon.]

Why do I tend towards asymptote of the point but never touching it then? I have no idea. The same goes for my comprehension passages. I managed to get the sentences before and after the correct sentence but not the correct sentence itself. Is it because I feel that the answer is too direct to be answering the question, hence it must be a trick?

Just trying to give myself some excuses there.

Now that it is only a month away from my official examination, will I be able to improve on my success rate of hitting the point instead of diverging away from the point itself? Maybe not, since not answering to the point is a skill that I took years to master and it will be hard to unlearn in such a short time.

In case you’re wondering, whats the point to my point here? To be honest, I have no idea whether my point has answered to my point which is appointed in the title itself. Maybe this post will reinforce the fact that I am a master of not answering to the point, or in a worse tone, an idiotic bastard that is ranting crap from his bowels.

Now just we wait for my General Paper… If I do fail (which is most likely the case), then you guys will see more of me next year as I’ll be going to school just for GP and Economics lessons! Then I can laugh at others who join my school and slogging through Project Work while i bring my laptop and play during lessons…

Now that’s a nice thought.

P.S. There’s no point in reading this anyway, so you don’t have to point your fingers at my points and point out the points that are pointing against me.