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Come on man , I just insulted my friend in my previous post and what happen? Nothing fucking happen!  I have lost count in the number of time I take a jab on my friend . I even blatantly say that they sucks in their face before . Did anything big happen ? Did anyone get all depress just because of that? I don’t know but I guess not since everyone know that I am a manly man who is very honest , no one rage at truth right?

So what the hell are the characters thinking in kimi ni todoke episode 4? Just because someone say that I am not your friend , everyone get depress and misunderstood each others .

With that , I recall my early school days and found out that only girl care about this friendship bonding stuff . For once, they must sprout cheesy line , hold hand and act like lesbian to fortified their friendship . This happen because they need to show everyone that they cherish their friendship and act like BFF in order to make the friendship happens . In other words , girl need to have physical action and direct message in order to build up their friendship , they will get all unsecure when insult and the lack of ~I love you ,you love me , we are one big lesbianly~ happens. Us manly man don’t do that at all .

In the end , the reason I still watch Kimi ni Todoke is because it doesn’t sucks(it isn’t awesome wtfbbq shit too) , for once the animation is good . It is also a great lesson in studying about the shoujo genre and how girls think because apprantly , Kimi ni Todoke is a generic yet highly acclaim and relatable  series  , though I have never really watch any shoujo before so even if it is one big fat generic shit fest , I won’t know . I don’t particularly enjoy it but it is ok enough to use it to pass 23 min of my free time , it is at least better than pointless Seitokai ,   lolwtf-unfunnyshitty Kampfer , Fairy Tale and neverending repetive Inuyasha .

After 4 episode , I found out that girls like gay popular unfunny guy like Kazehaya and they love to get all depress because people don’t want to be her friend anymore . They overrate friendship as well …. … whatever , fucking kangaroo .


I always re read my blog post because they are awesome. Thank to that , I found out that I accidentally and ironically define moe really well in one of my early post . Though I mixed up  cute with moe at that time because I am a noob .

Looking back now , I found out that my taste and ideal on anime changed drastically . However  I put in more thoughts and effort for my earlier post though . For one, my favourite post in this blog is that Harvest Moon and Neighbourhood Totoro panties  one . Man , those are  some good old time there!

Oh , and I posted almost 306 post  though 8/10 (more like 10/10? amiright? frequent update is better than no update right?) of them are rubbish that no one read . Also , if you haven’t notice yet , this is a team blog , though no one other than me posted more than 10 post. If you are interested in knowing , 3/5 of the contributor  doesn’t even visit this blog regularly anymore , starting from errr 8months ago. Never mind about that , a few of them are pretentious ***** with bad taste anyway .LOL!

The moe post->

Everyone has different taste , but to differentiate your taste with others so to appear to be more superior in watching cartoon , the top 5 list is the most important aspect. So how to construct an awesome top 5 list then?

Easy , firstly , in order to showcase your unique taste and how you are more superior in watching  better  anime than others , all your top 5 must be series that no one fucking heard of . This added to the effect of you having the best taste because you know and appreciate unknown and underrated series . People will also get intimidate by it because the unknown factor is the biggest weapon against veteran anime fan that can sprout off names of 1000 over series . Not only that , unknown series means that noob won’t have a chance of watching it , in other words , you won’t be grouped together with a noob . It is safe as well because people can’t critic and expose your lie because most likely , they themselves have not heard or seen any of those unknown show in the first place.

Now you know that , you need to go through the process of elimination . Popular series like TTGL , Eden Of The East , GITS and FMP isn’t applicable anymore because a lot of noob and narutard like those as well. Not to mention , the usual top 5 contender like Haibane Renmei , LOGH and Mushishi shouldn’t be inside as well . This is to again , showcase your awesome taste which is suppose to be superior than your usual anime fanboy .

The second round of elimination is that the series shouldn’t have your usual trope/fare/whatever , that’s why any hindsight of moe , shonen fighting and harem should also be eliminate . But hey , every series has some usual trope! That’s why you need to pick a series that no one heard of! With that , no one will know whether that series you choose contains any trope of whatever . Hence , something like Romeo no Aoi Sora will work greatly.

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These 5 question should be chicken feet for anime fans that worth some salt . If you can’t get over 3 correct , then you might as well burn in fire and stop proclaiming R+V as your top ten anime . No prior research allowed .

Question 1: The highest rated(viewership) tv anime in Japan is ?

Question2: Everyone love Gundam right? If so , who is the original creator of Gundam? If you can’t spell his name , give one other series which he directed .

Question3: The one and only original series by Kyoto animation for now is?

Question4: Everyone love Bleach and think that it is fucking touching . Recently the author(Tite Kubo) participated in an anime project , what is his role and what anime is that?

Question5: Name  three works created by Osamu Tezuka.

Bonus question! : Everyone and their mother love seiyuu right? So who is Ayanami Rei’s( Evangelion) seiyuu? She is a veteran seiyuu that anyone that watches anime for 3 month should know – even if you aren’t really into seiyuu , like me .

There , a pretty balance question cater to kyonai fanboy to gundam fanboy to bleach fanboy to old school  fanboy . Answer after the picture break.

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Cross game episode 30 did it . I suck because episode 30 is a recap episode lol , no one fucking cry during an episode that is made up by 99% reused footage!

With that , Cross Game is worth complimenting and a 10 rating in MAL lol , even though most of the time , the baseball match is as interesting as  watching 13years old speaking rubbish in youtube . Ok not that bad , but that is because 13years old speaking rubbish is the worst thing ever .

It is funny how Cross game fare like 10 times better when it doesn’t play any baseball even though it is a baseball series . Something like how FMP is much better when it focus on school life romance comedy rather than robot fighting .

Though I must make it clear that there are lots of anime that nearly brought me down to tears but  the tears aren’t willing to be shed . Cross Game violated my tear duct virginity.

Lol WTF! Episode 4 of Book of Bantorra is  great ! Everyone thought that Colio will be the main character and the whole Shiron story arc will drag out longer but who expect that all of that will end in episode 4? The action is awesome  and the story is pretty intriguing as well. The dialogues of Shiron and Colio made me shed some manly tears too. Good show , definitely worth more than 6.91 rating in MAL.

So who dropped this series because of that lol cg nice boat in episode 1 ?  Also , who is giving chance to Kiddy Grade season 2 and defending it saying that episode one doesn’t mean anything? Ha! That  will be true if Kiddy Grade is changed into Book Of Bantorra . People defending kiddy grade while giving book of Bantorra a 6.91 in MAL just show how good people are at speculating potential of a series .

Lol , Nyan Koi episode 4 will surely garners lots of hate for the series. All the harem material and personality archetype had been brought out without any hesitation . Not to mention , the animation is so lazy , it looped 2 same scenes twice within 5mins . Did I also mention that the fanservice  gets a level up and everyone breast seems to be twice as big as usual?  The helping of cats theme got neglected to make rooms for the harem plot as well . With so much elements that people hate , I don’t think Nyan Koi will get anymore approval .

With so much flaws , you might think that I am starting to hate this series but you are wrong . I am rather apathetic towards flaws if the series continue to interest me as I am not someone who will hate or damn a series just because there are some panties shot . Not to mention , lots of stuff I mention in the first paragraph doesn’t bother me at all , rather , I enjoy them LOL! Oh my god! I am a bastard that like lousy cliche and stupid self indulging harem .

I guess enjoyment of a series  boil down to gut feeling . My gut feeling tells me that Nyan Koi is an enjoyable series that’s why I find it fun , not due to any technical aspect like great story or animation . Bleh whatever . I won’t embellish nor defend Nyan Koi if it got bash though , unless people are saying that Kampfer or Seitokai is better .

Lol , please disregard the previous 2 post . They are laden with bad english( not that I am good at all in the first place) and points that make no sense . This is due to blurry mind (so blurry that I took 1 hrs to write this small update ). They are not deleted because errr why?  Now my mind felt so wierd and tired, I can’t even make any sense . Must be due to school , school make me turn into a retard . For once , I can’t think of any reason why I have a tired mind ,I slept for almost 15 hrs in total yesterday .

Oh , and I found out that for manga’ sex scene , no matter how detailed and explicit it is , if there aren’t any genitals shown , then it isn’t considered h or porn. In other words , you can buy futari ecchi in any normal comic shop . Not to mention , throw away all your FHM and enjoy hardcore stuff found in Eden ; it’s an endless world.

Did I mention that the newest Macross song by May’N sucks?

Did I also mention that No longer Human novel is good?

Did I also mention that I bought Kokoro to prepare myself for the second story of Aoi Bungaku?

Did I mention that ” How to be Idle” is the best non fiction that I ever read because it is my second one after Alphabet of Manliness?

Did I mention that I have read alll of the 12th kingdom novels except for the newest one?

Kimi ni Todoke reminds me on why I can’t tolerate shoujo . Too many corny and mushy washy dialogues about I love you  and you love me that goes no where. Not to mention , Kazehaya sucks , he is  too perfect , so perfect that it isn’t far fetch to say that he is an omega Mary Sue .

It is sad that Kimi ni Todoke has so many intolerable shoujo dialogues . Otherwise , it is a pretty stylish and well animated series with an ok plot . Actually , it  can be a decent series , they just need to kill off Kazehaya.

Oh , and I heard that it is 24 episode? What! I don’t know if I can tolerate another 21 weeks of penis shrinking exercise due to the gayness of Kazehaya . The next episode is about some petty rumour that only girls care.

Update: This post doesn’t make any sense lol . Now I know that I shouldn’t post anything when I am half awake , especially when the post has 1000 words . To be frank , I am still half awake now , everything I read and write doesn’t make sense  , even this little update exhaust 50% of my brain power . I can’t even construct any sentence well !

Unlike summer season whereby lots of series are cater to fanboy of Shinbo , 07th expansion and lesbian  , fall season has a better balance in term of diversity of genre except from mecha genre of course . I have this feeling that nowadays , mecha series will only be successful if it is gundam or have pretty boys . Yes , I do agree that the genre do have quite a large group of loyalist but let just admit that most people are turn off by  mecha ,especially the super robot genre . It is like how many people watched Shin Mazinger Z right?

Sorry , I digress , let us get back to the topic.

If I remembered correctly , Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is the only series that didn’t have any obvious moe archetype or  pandering . You see , it is not wrong to pander to fanboy but not everyone is a fanboy of said category . For once , I don’t orgasm when I watch Shinbo’s photoshopping or lesbian . I hated 07th Expansion due to Higurashi as well , hence what else can Summer offer me even if it is full of great series like what others made it up to be?

That’s why ,  in order to make sure that everyone has a series that pander to them , it need to have  diversified genre. For once , I am not the targeted audience for summer season because the target scope is not wide enough , unlike the fall season .

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