Prediction without any basis.  Let see how true it will turn out to be .

Heaven’s Lost Property will get bash like every ecchi harem series out that , even though everyone only watches 5minute of it .
Out of the ten people who watches the Rotk adaption , only 1 person will follow it regularly while others put it on hold indefinitely or simply just drop it .

Trapeze will be a cult hit , almost like Eden of the East and Bakemonotagari whereby  large group of fanboy and fangirl will praise it to the heaven and annoys hell out of people . Do expect counter troll . Shafted Toei.

Darker Than Black 2 will be a let down for season 1 but still kick ass .

Blue literature will be the best series of the season , or at least a darkhorse like Guin Saga , Cross Game , Hatsukoi Limited and GA.

Nyan Koi will be another Sora no Mani Mani , good for some quick laugh , above average/decent  .

Everyone will love Kobato but be prepare for opposing voice due to everyone loving it too much . With that said , Moesucks will be actively bashing this series , as if they don’t do that , it will defy their principle because after reading one chapter of Kobato , I must say that it is really very moe and will garner lots of fan for sure. Not to mention , Kobato will be everyone new waifu  while Arte仔 will grab lots of  her picture from pixiv and post it on the holy triangle to attract lots of loser into his site.

Armed Liberian has a 70% chance of turning shitty , I hope it will be in the 30% though .

11eyes will be mediocre , like Tears to Tiara .

GoKyoudai Monotagari will be the darkest horse for the fall season . Be prepare that no one will sub it .

Kimi ni Todoke will attract lots of fangirl . Will gain rave reviews .

The Sacred Blacksmith will be weak , but it will be saved by their awesome fighting choreography … … that is if Shinichiro Wanatabe will be in any part of the production which in fact is not , so I won’t get my hope high .

Not a genderbending or yuri fan at all because Family Compo owns them all , so the only prediction for that yuri series and that Kampfer is that Family Compo will own them .

Fairy Tail will turn mainstream , it will also divert from the manga halfway causing many people to rage.

I don’t want to crack a joke about lagging deliveries but I will say that Letter Bee will be above average.

All the others are just sequel that I don’t care or children show . It is strange that those children series have premise that are more creative and interesting than most ”adult” series  though. Just compare Usaru san with Heaven lost property ,  male rabbit putting on banana suit and eating monkey to turn into Usaru san is definitely more interesting than angel becoming  animal so that you can have sex with them.

With that , let see how correct I will be .