I found out that I used this post and rattle off about romantic comedy rather than Nyan Koi , so to make things clear , I like it very much and the positive stuff that  I said in every paragraph applies to it .

You see , it is so easy to create a good romantic comedy , you just need some sort of interesting theme and minimise the amount of fanservice and da da , you’ll get a light hearted , easy and enjoyable  series. Fan service sucks because it isn’t even a plot device or anything at all . Showing boobs and panties doesn’t advance any plots at all  , it is like FHM , no story or what so ever . That’s why when a series focus on stuff that is so void of substance , it will naturally be what it is , worthless piece of nothingness[1] .With fanservice out-of-the-way, even if you do add some cliche like school life romance and such , people will be able to stomach it because they are digestible as they are meaningful to some extend. From what I see , fan service in Nyan Koi was kept to minimum .

Another downfall for romantic comedy is that they aren’t comedic at all . This is due to the heavy emphasis put upon on female characters . As we all know , female is good for creating babies but not good at cracking jokes at all . That’s why if they are th backbones for your comedic element , it will just be cheap attempts of creating shitty archetype jokes such as acting cute and useless . That’s why to save the show , you must have funny male characters .

Research had shown that mmen are better in creating jokes because they have lesser restrain in acting weird . It is like they don’t mind swinging their penis and laugh at how big their dick is out of the sudden . That’s why comedy with large cast of male characters such as Gintama , Sunred Fighters , Cromartie High School and Sexy Commando are always better than those K-on , Lucky Star , Azumanga Daioh and such . Still ,female comedian do have their place as well , that is , if they have strange antics like loving beards and all that . In other hand ,animals are  good supplement for comedy regardless of what. That is why  Nyan koi did well in their comedy department and gain my approval because it did everything I like .

Last but not least , the final downfall of romantic comedy is being serious . This is like the moe in Higurashi , totally way off from its setting . It is also  pointless because people can’t take it seriously with so much light hearted moment before . With that said , it is still possible to be serious in romantic comedy , all you need to do is to give it enough time to build up the serious atmosphere so it won’t seems like it appear out of the blue. However it is sad that most of the time , there isn’t enough time to do that , just look at that shitty Kannagi , one moment ago , you are singing Karaoke while meeting Lucky Star characters , another episode gone and you turn all emo and serious , that is like lol wtf shitty really . I don’t know what course Nyan Koi will take , so no comment about it at this point of time .

All in all , Nyan Koi is going along the right course  , it has funny cats and to a lesser extend ,funny male lead  that is at least likable. The female as for now is quite a good supplement  in terms of comedy , the theme of cat god is interesting , and all that add up into quite an enjoyable series . Other great romantic comedy are the like of Kamisama Kazoku , Hatsukoi Limited , Midori no Hibi and Inukami . Kanokon and Queen blades belongs to a special type of guilty pleasure so yea .

[1] Even though fanservice is worthless in nature of story telling/anime  , it is always good to add in some to spice things up . Look at GITS for an example. Not to mention , people are still buying FHM . Also , fanservice do breed some guilty pleasure series .

Small update: Kampfer is pretty average , 65 to 72 score range . I will categorise it with Kannagi , normal , cliche but not till the extend of trash . Nyan Koi is better by 2 times which isn’t a large margin per se . Won’t continue Kampfer for sure .