LOL ! Every shouta and loli haters should watch this show , in this show you will get to see 11 years old loli get raped so badly , she turns into a super human and is able to escape from a threshold that isn’t suppose to be escapable . You will also get to see 12 years old boy getting beaten up so badly , you will think that you haven’t give your children enough beating when they sucks .The Wikipedia page says that it  deals with serious moral questions relating to war, the cost of war, and the exploitation of children , but to be frank  , I see none  because I am too pleasured with scenes of children getting beaten up by an ambiguous gay , so much so that I didn’t pay much attention to the other stuff .

You are wrong if you think that the awesomeness  stopped there though .This show have lots of tiers for awesomeness , beating up children belongs to the second tier. The first tier stuff is the preview , the preview is one of the best preview I ever seen in my life . You will get to see intensified reasonable crap rattle off like a vibrator by that ambiguous gay dude . It is so intense , it makes higurashi over the top facial expressions look like child play .

With all that said , it is still a wonderful series , I liked it very much . For an analogy , this type of series are those series that you want to be friend with if they are human , all cool and stylish while being humble , feels good when you are with them . Also , like I said before , the directing is good . Not to mention , its story is really unique for anime ,  for that uniqueness , it is worth watching.

As for being gritty , dark and dealing with lots of serious issue , I must say that I am quite disappointed  . I can see why people think of it being like that , but the show really need harsher rape and beating to be what it said to be . The war should have more gore and the children should be weaker to show case what it want to convey . Things should get more complex and complicated to emit the feelings of despair and depress , it is like Sara’s escape is so easy , I don’t see the supposing hardship and tragedy.

Now I am only at episode 6 though , so I might give this series a revisit like how I did for Samurai Champloo when I find out that what I wrote is very wrong .