It is ok to fuckup Kyo because he is gay .It is ok to fuckup Mai because she is meant to be fuck . However, it is definitely not ok to fuckup Terry Bogard , the most awesome , coolest and ever young fighter , but they did .

You know what they should do? They should get rid of all the male fighters and only starred the female fighters , use the same storyline of teleporting to the other dimension , the dimension of no men . In that dimension , there is  this crystal that turn everyone into big breast girl even if they are loli . Then all the fighters will fight till their clothes rip off and the winner will get the chance to have teleport back to their real world while pertaining their huge breast . The winner  will  recieve an artificial  bukakke bath  that will melt her back to her own world , end of story . For the rest that are left in the world , half of them will turn into futanari due to nature instinct , they need to breed to survive in that world with no men .

With characters like Mai , Mature , Blue Mary , Vice , Angel ,Kula , Athena , Yuri  , King , Leona , Whip , Shermie and err Vanessa , it is possible. Since American movie adaptation love to fuck around ,they might as well throw in some Street Fighter’s girls like Elena , Chun Li , Cammy and Sakura , DOA old cast can come in too . This sure win formula will definitely made the most epic movie that dwell onto the subculture of cosplay . With so much depth and substance , it will definitely gain rave reviews and 100% fresh potatoes . This  will also help them to  gain the name that they should earn , The King of Fucker .