Why do I say so? You see , FMP! have everything that everyone hates . Hence ,objectively , it should be the worst show ever . Read the list below for more specific details.

Like what moesucks said : Bad pandering . Moe character sucks . Sterotype and unoringnal characters sucks. Disrespect for women .

Like what moesucks said : Bad pandering . Moe character sucks . stereotype and unoriginal characters sucks. Disrespect for women .

1. Made by Gonzo .Oh man ,  Gonzo is my friend but you see , no amount of words can describe the fiasco of that panties flashing studio. What good can that shitty near bankrupt company do with a show? Show panties and lousy animation of course ! Man , everyone hate Gonzo and think that they should just die . That’s why FMP is bad because it is made by one of the worst studio , ever!

2. School life romance . WTF is this? There are like over 100000000000 school life anime out there already . Bad bad cliché . This type of plot is so overused that you wonder whether it got any STDs.

3.Tsundere . Remember the good old time where tsundere is awesome? Yea , that is until Kugimiya Rie emerge and destroy that character type . Now tsundere is an archetype that no one care , it is overused and pander to big fat moe loving losers , that’s why it is bad . No creativity at all .

4. Mecha action . Everyone hate mecha , impz hate mecha anime , women hate mecha , noob hate gundam , most people hate gundam , noob love gundam , super robot sucks , loltomino , macross is stupid , gurren lagann sucks , FLCL is style over substance ,” I am not a mecha fan” is the second most overused line after” I am not a sport anime fan” . Now you see, with so much hate , mecha can’t be any good . If it is of any good , it will be love by many , like Naruto .

5. Romantic comedy , remember the second best anime in the whole wide world? That’s awesome but you see , everyone hate it because the girls they adored are stolen by the male character that they hate , even though that the male character is a reflection of themselves.

6. Dragonball/Gurren Lagann. Manly spirits>everything  . FMP!’s Arbalest has this  Lambda driver that weight your power by calculating how manly you are .We all know that that is very very stupid because manly spirit remind us ,the loser  that we are sissy that watched sissy show. There is also this scene whereby lots of kamehameha are exchanged and the whole place is fill with explosion and smoke. Viewers will then wonder if the characters are dead or not .Of course I am lying because we all know that someone will definitely come out unharmed from that smoke .

7. Shonen powerup . Technology advance with black technology , Sagura gain super powerlevel just in 7 episode  and perform a deus ex machina , something like clearing 5 advance Russian robots within 1min . All those are bad bad bad , everyone hate that trope .

8. Talented pilot. You know why people hate sports anime? It is because , it always feature a talented pitcher that saves his fukup team and win Koshien . That is actually an excellent plot line but you see , everyone is jealous because they are not pitcher and talented , their only talent is logging onto internet and poke mushroom , that’s why they felt bitter and think that talented whatever sucks .

9. Panties flashing , everyone love R+V and place it as their top 10 but you see ,  Gonzo hated it so much , it place bats and bear everywhere to block it .

10. Love Hina punch , the punch that send over 100 male harem character up the sky and beyond the universe . Everyone cringe with cheese everytime they watch that segment .

Now , with these top ten cliche , FMP! might as well be the worst show in the universe , a run down of creativeness .  Hey! But there are also series that is full of cliché like Akane iro no somaru whatever . If you think so , you are half correct , it have almost all the cliché mention above , but you see , Akane iro is very very deep as it touches  on taboo about incest and everyone know that incest is the best thing after sliced bread .

That’s all folks , look up the tags  for this post and you can find more lousy shit about FMP!. For the final blow on  FMP! sucks –  I didn’t give the source for that picture because sucks so much , I must show disrespect to those japanese artist to make myself rage less .