Wohooo ,I finally have this blogroll category on my side bar .  Now , I do read lots of other blogs ,   but you see , most of the time , I just skip most of their content even though some are good . However , those blogs in the blogroll have contents that I read fully , not once , not twice but maybe a few hundred times .

Now with the prevalence of google reader , I don’t really think that there is a need for a blogroll  , I for one never click any blog links from my site after using google reader anyway . But you must understand , not everyone know about rss feed and how wonderful they are . Most people only use the internet to surf porn and poke mushroom  . The only Wikipedia page they read is the naruto and IWICSYI page. Youtube + facebook are the only other sites that they know of. That’s why, being the defender of justice , I have this obligation to  do them a favour by recommending them blogs that  are as wonderful as mine  LOL!

Do read them , they are great for lols and informations. Below , I will supply some informations about them.

1. Ani-Nouto – He blogs about anime blogs .The Moritheil Review does that too. but let just say that I haven’t really truly explore it throughly .

2. Baka-Raptor – Funny guy and funny observations , made that funniest guy and funniest observation for anime. Except for Higurashi and Yuri , we do have similar taste most of the time . Read/Watched and enjoyed Onani Master Kurosawa and some other anime series thanks to his recommendations. 2nd favourite blog.

3. DarkMirage – Reading it while knowing that he is only slightly older than you make you feel inferior . LOL! Write about politics and editorial that make sense .

4.DS – Funny web comics about blogsphere drama and miscellaneous stuff .

5.Hashime – Blog about seiyuu . Have some anime reviews as well .

6.IWICSYI – LOL! Who is more awesome ? People who include others blog or people who include their own blog in a blogroll ? The latter one of course! I re read my blog 100 times everyday .

7.J1mone – Blog about seiyuu .

8. Jp and Hinano – I hate to say this but their old blogs are better. Fangirl + Coke and Marz bastard child or whatever.

9. Men are Better than Women – Dick talking about dick>pussy . Non-anime.

10. Moesucks – I like them , the blogsphere praises anime too much , there is a need for an opposing voice . You can find lots of interesting criticism about show that everyone love, even those that I love . However , they fanboy Shinbo/Shaft too much . Their evil twins is Colony Drop though Moesucks is better in terms of online personality .

11. Ogiue Maniax- Ogiue Maniax talks about everything from curry to bad humour to FYG to mecha to moe to analysis to whatever . The author is a cool guy that has a great balance in preference for anime .

12.Onii Chan No Ecchi – NSFW , funny anime’s porn review with video embedded. Awesome site.

13. Psgels – He watches show that you never watch and coincidently , I do that as well . That’s why most of the time , he is the only source for thoughts and impression for obscure anime that I watch.

14. Random Curiosity – I don’t want to put this site up at first because everyone that watches anime for at least one month should know this site . However , I remember that our own writers that had at least watched anime for more than one year still doesn’t know that the site exist . This site is the warlord of anime reviews.

15. Riuva – Funniest blog , on par with Baka-Raptor in terms of humour . The blog also write articles that resonate well because it is full of ideas that we agree on but can’t put it in words due to some reasons . TJ Han has great taste in anime and manga , like me. Our taste is almost 90% similar , just look at the fall season episode 1 thoughts , almost identical in preference . Also , Umizaru , Family Compo and Eden, three of my favourite manga are recommendations from the blog . Influence me the most , favourite blog .

16. Sea Slug Team – Anime reviews , interviews of animebloggers , one of the oldest blog .

17. Shotgunfacelift – Found it due to his comment in this blog . That is the only time that Holydreams did something good , bringing such a funny blog to my attention . Write about funny stuff , non-anime.

18. Serious Fucking Business – Trolling and fangirling are always good , even if she says that your blog sucks .

19. The Best Page in the Universe – He wrote the Alphabet of Manliness , the only non fiction that I ever read in my whole life! That’s how awesome he is . Non-anime. Found it on Baka-Raptor site .

20. WALLS OF TL;DR – Cynical but good , trolling ANN is always good . Lots of video encoding articles , one of the producer for CCCP I think .

So there you have it , I finally jump onto the blogroll cleaning/writing bandwagon started 2 weeks ago by errr I forgot who , EPIC WIN I think .

By the way , all the links that are under “Hobby Sites” are awesome because most of the sites are one of the best pirate lair that I found after years of hardship . Other non pirate lair are great source for information – information blogs are place under “Hobby Sites” as well . Description about them can be found when you hover over their link on the sidebar.

Man , I wasted 3 hrs adding all the links .