You see , sometimes, manga serialization is very evil as there is this rule that says that ,the more chapters you draw , the more you earn . Just so happen,  Clamp is a money hungry group full of women drawing manga for fangirl to ogle at , that’s why they drag out Kobato story and make it look as pointless as K-for the first few chapters . However , Madhouse is manly , they produce manly show like One Outs and Maple Story , that’s why they can’t condone that . Hence what they do is skip all those pointless stuff in the manga and go directly to the point by advancing the plot straight up . That’s why Kobata anime > Kobato manga .

For Kobato itself , I think it will play out like Handa Shonen Shi whereby it will be episodic in nature . Then we will get to see Kobato moving around , helping people collecting star to grant her wish . Dramatic , sweet and  tragic stories will prevail . Then onto the final arc , Kobato will save the main male character and everything ends well . Kobato will go alone to the place she want to go and every that got her help  will give her their blessing . The End .

Of course , the above storyline is just my speculation , knowing Clamp , they might just jump the shark anytime and create some absurd story like the dog being Kobato’s father and they have some hot furry sex in order to save this world from destruction by Sakura .

I will prefer it to be the former but either way , I don’t think it will get fukup too badly .

For the characters , Kobato is surprisingly not as clumsy as I expected . At least she can work part-time well and doesn’t break any dishes like she suppose to . Not to mention , she walk steadily and didn’t fall down to show her panties  even when black birds* peck her . Man , she even wear long skirt to protect herself from exposing . She also has this unbeatable excuse of not being human(?) to make her as naive as she can . As for the male main character , I thought I was watching GetBackers when he first appears. He is Mido Ban , bones and skin throughly , Mido Ban for sure .

As for retarded moe , K-on had gone down to a new low , no amount of retarded moe can be as lousy as theirs . That’s why , all I need to do is to think about how Yui sucks and all the retarded moe will magically  disappear from my eyes , unless I am watching K-on of course! Although the K-on part is real , but I must say that Kobato isn’t really that annoying .

All in all , with Madhouse awesome animation and some simple yet sweet stories , Kobato has lots of potential in becoming the slice of life that everyone love . I liked it quite a lot . 8/10 fluffy penis.

* I forgot how to spell crow .