11Eyes is about a pirate lookalike going into another dimension whereby spirited away monster breed like mosquito to attack girls so that they can show their panties . There is also this Power Ranger villain throwing a single line of “that young boy” while acting fierce and strong . Every girls drinks milk wrongly , resulting in short height and big breast.

The action scene look awesome in the op but we all know that all the budget is used in there , so prepare for some lame action . OP and ED is quite good .

There you have it , with such an interesting premise , how can I drop this show? 7/10 panties, watchable yet passable . Nothing awesome and nothing to hate about as well .

Update: Oh man , no wonder it look so familiar , the studio  produced  Myself;Yourself , another series whereby everyone drop it after 1 or 2 episode . Yes , I am implying that most people will drop 11 eyes after a few episode , especially after they see the lame action in episode 2 , in which I have confident in saying that it will definitely  be lame .