So best that it became the first anime that I DROP! Hell , fucking pointless show , more pointless than K-on and Hentai  . At least K-on have some sort of storyline and Hentai tease your cock but Seitokai did nothing! Nothing at all! However , it is quite wrong to say that I drop it though , because , for one , I don’t even feel like I am watching anything when I play the 2 episode . It is like staring at blank space, so pointless that I literally ignore the whole 46min .

PS. Man , I thought that Ali Project’s op for Book of Bantorra is quite acceptable , that is until I listen to more of their song and I am like WTF , I can’t even differentiate which is which , everything sound the same! Oh , and Book of Bantorra is pretty good , episode 2 is interesting .