Lol wtf , Kimi ni Todoke is so cheesy , fluffy and shoujish , I felt like gay when I watch it . Those puppy love and corny dialogue make me cringe with uneasiness . It is not a bad show per se but I can’t tolerate those OH! Kazehaya is a nice guy OH! Sawako is a nice girl sort of dialogue . Who the hell other than sissy man can digest those?

The worst dialogue that make me pause it half way and watch some youtube to take a breather  is when  Kazehaya act all tsundere and say the following line, ” You are going to meet the dog but not me?” WTFBBQ! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Man , if the whole series is full of these I love you , you love type of dialogue , I think my testosterone will stop producing , I felt my penis shrinking halfway through the episode. Also , how the hell can the manga go for 9 volumes? The first half of the second episode is as eventful as watching paint dry .

Credit where credit due though , the second half the series when they change the seat is pretty decent .

With that , what’s up with anime nowadays? Today when I try to catch up with my backlog , I found out that all the series start up slow and get surprisingly better by ten fold after the second half , especially Kobato . Hell I think I overestimated Kobato , they should cut away those Mido Ban acting jerk scene and pointless scenario that showcase Kobato’s naivety . All I want to see is how people suffer and how Kobato save them.

Nyan Koi is still pretty good  , the character design is awesome, got moe by it LOL!  However the next episode is bound to be fuckup because it is a lesbian episode , what’s up with the prevalence of lesbian nowadays ?

11eyes is watchable but get too corny with cliche sometimes . I don’t know why but I have this obligation to watch visual novel adaption even though they sucks . Don’t watch this series , you won’t miss up on anything .

Dtb 2 is surprisingly action packed . I remember that the total action scene of Dtb 1 doesn’t even add up to 2 hours but Dtb 2 is like 3/4 action , 1/4 exposition . Awesome series by the way . The op is the best op this season . Even though I listen to every op and ed – yes even sucky one like Sacred Blacksmith , I don’t remember most of them ! Except of Dtb one of course . Single will be out on November 4th .

Usaru-san is very funny . Do watch it , the whole series is only 10min .

Sacred Blacksmith follow the rpg system . Just look at the fight , the monster and character take turns to attack  . The character need to wait when the monster transform . You are given narrative explanation on what is happening during a fight. You need money to create a sword ! The nostalgic feel of rpg make this whole series watchable even though it sucks really bad .

Kanokon ova episode 2 was boner inducing . That’s the whole purpose of this series right? For that , it gains my approval because it succeeded in what it want to do . Better than porn because unlike porn , the exposition of the series is much more interesting , you won’t mind waiting for the boner inducing part . The op is good , I guess that’s because I quite like the singer , Yui sakwabalahwatever. apparently ,  I thought that Nyankoi song is pretty good as well .

Book of Bantorra , the op finally get to my nerve . The story is intriguing and after getting use to the dialogue , it doesn’t sound as pretentious as it is during episode 1 anymore . Great show , worth a watch .