Sometimes , I felt pressurised and embellish my reviews for highly acclaimed work even though I don’t like it as much as others  . I always give those series a benefit of doubt and just treat it that I don’t get them . For one , I  had written about how much I dislike Welcome to Nhk manga but I decided to take it down in the end because everyone seems to love it . In other words , I felt that maybe I am a retard that don’t get how good it is , that’s why I shouldn’t write anything bad about it . However today , I made up my mind and decided to  be honest for once , Below will be a long list of impression about some highly acclaimed series/classic .

1. Howl Moving Castle – Maybe it is unfair but I have a bad impression about it because I felt sick after watching it . However , that doesn’t change the fact that the whole movie is one big mess up for me . The characters doesn’t act the way like they should , their personality changes here and there and the storyline is one big mess that get no where . New stuff keep getting added  out of nowhere and towards the end , I don’t even know what it want to achieve . I thought that I didn’t get the story at first because everyone seems to think otherwise ,but after reading the whole summarised plot of the original novel , I found out that I didn’t miss up on anything . Everything is like what it shown in the movie , the story isn’t complex or what but it is just that piece of mess on its own .

I always want to re watch it because I seems to be the only one that didn’t enjoy it but the whole movie is so indigestible , I feared to even play it for one second . Oh , and the voice acting sucks. Kimura  can’t voice act for sure , too monotonous and made the whole movie more dull than ever .

2. My Neighbourhood Totoro –  It is a pleasant movie . I have a smile on my face throughout the whole movie because it is just that cheerful and fun . However , my pfff with it is that there is little to no story at all . Again , at first  I thought that I must be too stupid to identify any story but it seems that I am  right. All the blogpost I read about it is how great the animation are , how pleasant the movie is and how the whole setting is so serene with strong environmentalist message . I gave it as much as that , but I find it too pointless to like it so much like how others did. Not to mention , the pseudo panties shot distracted me, a lot!

3. Whisper of the Heart – Same issue with Totoro , story is almost non-existence . Not to mention , drag out way too much . My brother felt asleep while watching it , I barely survived .

4. Akira – Akira is a complex movie with a deep plot . There are lots of issues such as social stigma , religion and such being brought up on the background . The animation is great even on today standard and  the actions are well done . But there is one problem with it …… it is utterly boring !  Man , I will definitely get flame saying that but in truth is , it is really boring and dragged too much yet again, for me that is .

5. Evangelion – Let just say that I don’t get it at all when I watch the series .Too much stuff didn’t get any explanation and I  need to read up on wikipedia to find out that the story is actually wonderful .  Not being a christian and failed to get any “deep” bible symbolism doesn’t help as well . For one , I don’t even know wtf is the seven dead sea scroll until I read it on Eva’s wikipedia page. Let us be honest here , who gets everything ranging from Spear of Longinus to  what is Adam to what is Eve to why Rei is Lilth to Third Impact to the intention of the Angels to LCL to whatever on one go without reading any guidebooks or wikipedia?

6. Wekcome to Nhk (manga) –  I have read a lots of manga and do know how to identify great stuff . Let just say that the manga of NHK is one big mess in term of linkage . Sometimes , I can’t even differentiate the delusion  from the reality  of Saitou. The transition happens out of the sudden and the atmosphere and setting isn’t as dark as it should be . This is bad because you don’t know whether you can take the character seriously or not when they say some stuff . The sudden appearance girlfriend,  Misaki just look so too sudden . Her motive is fairly strange as well . Oh , and Saitou turned into a pedophile in one page ! No buildup at all man .  Not to mention , they totally forgot about the NHK motive and how Saitou want to destroy it after 3 chapters  .The idea of Nhk motive didn’t get mention after that .

I think I will like it more if I watched the anime because after watching the first and last episode of Nhk , I find that the linkage is better and things make more sense . From the dialogue of the last episode , they didn’t forget about the NHK motive as well . Not to mention , the last episode have some dramatic scene like Saitou jumping off the fence while the manga has none of that .

6. Kaiba – Things doesn’t make sense sometimes . For one, Vanilla can’t recognise the white doll form of Kaiba even though he just met and chase him one episode ago . Lots of stuff that I forgot doesn’t make sense as well , refer to here for more information .

7. DYRL – LOL , I love this movie , it is exciting and the animation is very well done . Apparently , I only take notice about animation when there are lots of action scene , otherwise it just doesn’t excite much me even if it is really good , like Totoro and Howl . However it got dumbed down to appeal to the mass( Wohoo , Hikaru must give the final shot to defeat the last boss!) . It lost some realism due to that and make it inferior to the TV series in terms of plot . I still like the movie more though because the action is great and the song sound nicer . It’s like everyone Remember Love but no one talks about Ai Wa Nageru much lol . ( Not much complain about DYRL , just want to mention it for fun.)

8. The Cat Returns – Eh lol , everyone thought that this is an abomination of Ghibli but I like it very much . I place it on the second place after Spirited Away for Ghibli film . Haven’t watch Mononoke Hime and Nausicaa yet though . One thing that bother me about Cat’s return is that it promote bestiality . Lol , if you haven’t notice yet , Howl Moving Castle and Spirited Away promoted it as well . The main female characters fell in love with beasts! Oh , and I always thought that Totoro is the original pedobear. ( Not highly acclaimed at all but I want to rave about Cat’s return )

9. I wanted to say that I didn’t enjoy 5cm/per second much but the animation is just too nice , I can’t help but to praise it . Will definitely re-watch it to  re-evaluate my opinion . Girl Who Leapt Through Time gets better and better after re-watching as well . Wanted to re-watch Eva to get what it  meant but the new movies save me from those trouble .

10. Seirei No Moribito – This series is good but move too slowly . It will help if it pace itself better , especially during the middle part .The fight scenes are one of the best I ever seen but there isn’t much of it throughout the whole series . The last fight is lol , let just say that it is sub par when compare to the earlier fight .

I enjoyed this series more after the whole series end . In other words , I felt no sort of awesomeness when I watch it , all the awesomeness surge up after it ends. This goes to Darker Than Black as well , but season 2 remind me on how good season 1 is so never mind about that . I am confused about the motive of the syndicate when they ordered Hei to accomplish some mission though .

11. Higurashi – LOL , let’s not talk about Higurashi anymore mmkay?

12. Sky Crawler – This is not highly acclaim right? Apparently , everyone thought that it dragged too much and have too many insignificant scene . Like is there a need to give a dog 1 min of screen time? I don’t know?

13. Bakemonotagari- Eh lol , everyone think that this is the best work ever , must be good then . I closed it after watching 5 second of it though, that time isn’t the time to watch any Shaft anime so yea. Will get to it after I finish Second Raid and One Outs . By then all the episode should be out .

14. Eden Of The East – Wonderful series , nothing much that I can complain about . Not my top ten material though because I am a bastard that prefer manly spirit and Emo tragic shit . Lol , just kidding , the main character whom name escape me is just too perfect to my liking . For one , I don’t like Kamina from TTGL as well ,so , lol . I like Itatsu though .

For your information , other than Higurashi , NHK(manga) , Howl Moving Castle and to a lesser extend , Whisper of The Heart , I rated the others highly , just not as high as other made them to be though.

With , that , I will end my post . Next time , I should create a top ten anime list because I do believe that I had seen enough to decide on my top ten . Before that , I need to watch more classic like Haibane Renmei , LOGH , Gundam(LOL!) , Yamato , Hajime no Ippo , Dennou Coil , Eureka 7, Ghilbi’s film , Satoshi Kon’s movie , Last Exile , Gankutsuou and others first though . Need to finish GITS as well . Not to mention , I should start on popular anime such as Code Geass and errr Code Geass because it might be a contender(?) .

Of course , this post is copied/got inspire by Moe Suck list page.