Kimi ni Todoke reminds me on why I can’t tolerate shoujo . Too many corny and mushy washy dialogues about I love you  and you love me that goes no where. Not to mention , Kazehaya sucks , he is  too perfect , so perfect that it isn’t far fetch to say that he is an omega Mary Sue .

It is sad that Kimi ni Todoke has so many intolerable shoujo dialogues . Otherwise , it is a pretty stylish and well animated series with an ok plot . Actually , it  can be a decent series , they just need to kill off Kazehaya.

Oh , and I heard that it is 24 episode? What! I don’t know if I can tolerate another 21 weeks of penis shrinking exercise due to the gayness of Kazehaya . The next episode is about some petty rumour that only girls care.