Lol WTF! Episode 4 of Book of Bantorra is  great ! Everyone thought that Colio will be the main character and the whole Shiron story arc will drag out longer but who expect that all of that will end in episode 4? The action is awesome  and the story is pretty intriguing as well. The dialogues of Shiron and Colio made me shed some manly tears too. Good show , definitely worth more than 6.91 rating in MAL.

So who dropped this series because of that lol cg nice boat in episode 1 ?  Also , who is giving chance to Kiddy Grade season 2 and defending it saying that episode one doesn’t mean anything? Ha! That  will be true if Kiddy Grade is changed into Book Of Bantorra . People defending kiddy grade while giving book of Bantorra a 6.91 in MAL just show how good people are at speculating potential of a series .