Lol , Nyan Koi episode 4 will surely garners lots of hate for the series. All the harem material and personality archetype had been brought out without any hesitation . Not to mention , the animation is so lazy , it looped 2 same scenes twice within 5mins . Did I also mention that the fanservice  gets a level up and everyone breast seems to be twice as big as usual?  The helping of cats theme got neglected to make rooms for the harem plot as well . With so much elements that people hate , I don’t think Nyan Koi will get anymore approval .

With so much flaws , you might think that I am starting to hate this series but you are wrong . I am rather apathetic towards flaws if the series continue to interest me as I am not someone who will hate or damn a series just because there are some panties shot . Not to mention , lots of stuff I mention in the first paragraph doesn’t bother me at all , rather , I enjoy them LOL! Oh my god! I am a bastard that like lousy cliche and stupid self indulging harem .

I guess enjoyment of a series  boil down to gut feeling . My gut feeling tells me that Nyan Koi is an enjoyable series that’s why I find it fun , not due to any technical aspect like great story or animation . Bleh whatever . I won’t embellish nor defend Nyan Koi if it got bash though , unless people are saying that Kampfer or Seitokai is better .