These 5 question should be chicken feet for anime fans that worth some salt . If you can’t get over 3 correct , then you might as well burn in fire and stop proclaiming R+V as your top ten anime . No prior research allowed .

Question 1: The highest rated(viewership) tv anime in Japan is ?

Question2: Everyone love Gundam right? If so , who is the original creator of Gundam? If you can’t spell his name , give one other series which he directed .

Question3: The one and only original series by Kyoto animation for now is?

Question4: Everyone love Bleach and think that it is fucking touching . Recently the author(Tite Kubo) participated in an anime project , what is his role and what anime is that?

Question5: Name  three works created by Osamu Tezuka.

Bonus question! : Everyone and their mother love seiyuu right? So who is Ayanami Rei’s( Evangelion) seiyuu? She is a veteran seiyuu that anyone that watches anime for 3 month should know – even if you aren’t really into seiyuu , like me .

There , a pretty balance question cater to kyonai fanboy to gundam fanboy to bleach fanboy to old school  fanboy . Answer after the picture break.

Fat Krilin

A1: Chibi Maruko-chan .

A2: Yoshiyuki Tomino. He directed Overman King Gainer , Turn A Gundam , Zeta Gundam and lol Grazey’s Wing as well.

A3: Munto aka frigging boring full of senseless blabber well animated series .

A4: He works as the character designer of Aoi Bungaku for the story “Hell Screen” by Ryuunosuke Akutagawa.

A5: Black Jack , Astro Boy , MW , Hinotori([The] Phoenix) , Buddha and Jungle Empire aka Japanese Lion King lol .

Bonus question answer: Megumi Hayashibara.