Everyone has different taste , but to differentiate your taste with others so to appear to be more superior in watching cartoon , the top 5 list is the most important aspect. So how to construct an awesome top 5 list then?

Easy , firstly , in order to showcase your unique taste and how you are more superior in watching  better  anime than others , all your top 5 must be series that no one fucking heard of . This added to the effect of you having the best taste because you know and appreciate unknown and underrated series . People will also get intimidate by it because the unknown factor is the biggest weapon against veteran anime fan that can sprout off names of 1000 over series . Not only that , unknown series means that noob won’t have a chance of watching it , in other words , you won’t be grouped together with a noob . It is safe as well because people can’t critic and expose your lie because most likely , they themselves have not heard or seen any of those unknown show in the first place.

Now you know that , you need to go through the process of elimination . Popular series like TTGL , Eden Of The East , GITS and FMP isn’t applicable anymore because a lot of noob and narutard like those as well. Not to mention , the usual top 5 contender like Haibane Renmei , LOGH and Mushishi shouldn’t be inside as well . This is to again , showcase your awesome taste which is suppose to be superior than your usual anime fanboy .

The second round of elimination is that the series shouldn’t have your usual trope/fare/whatever , that’s why any hindsight of moe , shonen fighting and harem should also be eliminate . But hey , every series has some usual trope! That’s why you need to pick a series that no one heard of! With that , no one will know whether that series you choose contains any trope of whatever . Hence , something like Romeo no Aoi Sora will work greatly.

2nd Step , try to choose animated film as your contender because films are much more mature and sophisticated than tv series . Why you ask? Because there is something call cinematography whereby people study about boring films that no one want to watch but still need to delude themselves and treat it as a classic because everyone say that it it classic. Do you have that for tv series ? No! Tv series is for mainstream bastard that can’t appreciate art ! That’s why,  the lesser tv series you have in  your list , the better it is.  For one , Pattenrai!! Minami no Shima no Mizu Monogatari will a good one for this category.

3rd Step , you must have very old series because the good old day is the golden age even though their animation sucks. With that , how about some Osamu Tezuka adaption film? Of course , you should again eliminate the more popular one like Black Jack and Astro Boy . Hi no tori 2772 will be great .

4th Step , Ghibli film , everyone and their mother love Ghibli and praise Howl Moving Castle even though it is utterly bad . However , Ghilbi is very popular and this contradict with the first elimination . So to go around that , choose the most obscure ghibli film that is only shown in Ghilbi Museum . That’s why you must choose something like Kujiratori because no one frigging watch or even heard of it before .

Finally , in order not to be call a pretentious bastard , you must have at least one well known series . It is best if it is some classic franchise such as Captain Yamato , Galaxy Express , Gundam or Macross . With that , how about Macross then? But there are lots of Macross series you said, so which one should you choose?

Since you already have Hi no Tori 2772 as your old classic , SDF Macross and DYRL are out . Macross Frontier is Gundam Seed to Gundam , so no . Personally , I will choose Macross Zero , but Macross fucking Zero is the abomination of Macross series and is along the line with Macross II as the worst Macross ever because everyone has lousy taste and thought that the boring Macross Plus is more awesome . However , since it is official among stupid old school fan that Macross Plus is the best Macross , so in order not to expose yourself to danger , place Macross Plus as your favourite series.

So at the end of the day , your top 5 series will look something like this .

1.Pattenrai!! Minami no Shima no Mizu Monogatari
2.Hi no Tori 2772
4. Macross Plus
5.Romeo no Aoi Sora

Man , isn’t that impressive . Now if you comment around , leaving these 5 series as your top 5 , people will definitely be bewildered by your great taste . They will also know that they are inferior when compare to you because you have watch series that even veteran anime watcher that watch anime for 20 years may not know . So what are you waiting for? Crush those noob that love Manabi Straight with this 5 solid title!

Oh , final reminder , tell everyone that you only have these top 5 and not other top 10 or 20 because these 5 out of the 3000 series you watched are the best out of the best. There is  this chinese saying about scarcity means valuable or something and chinese saying is awesome , that’s why we should abide to it.