I always re read my blog post because they are awesome. Thank to that , I found out that I accidentally and ironically define moe really well in one of my early post . Though I mixed up  cute with moe at that time because I am a noob .

Looking back now , I found out that my taste and ideal on anime changed drastically . However  I put in more thoughts and effort for my earlier post though . For one, my favourite post in this blog is that Harvest Moon and Neighbourhood Totoro panties  one . Man , those are  some good old time there!

Oh , and I posted almost 306 post  though 8/10 (more like 10/10? amiright? frequent update is better than no update right?) of them are rubbish that no one read . Also , if you haven’t notice yet , this is a team blog , though no one other than me posted more than 10 post. If you are interested in knowing , 3/5 of the contributor  doesn’t even visit this blog regularly anymore , starting from errr 8months ago. Never mind about that , a few of them are pretentious ***** with bad taste anyway .LOL!

The moe post->https://iwicsyi.wordpress.com/2009/02/07/mbti-imitate-part-1/