Come on man , I just insulted my friend in my previous post and what happen? Nothing fucking happen!  I have lost count in the number of time I take a jab on my friend . I even blatantly say that they sucks in their face before . Did anything big happen ? Did anyone get all depress just because of that? I don’t know but I guess not since everyone know that I am a manly man who is very honest , no one rage at truth right?

So what the hell are the characters thinking in kimi ni todoke episode 4? Just because someone say that I am not your friend , everyone get depress and misunderstood each others .

With that , I recall my early school days and found out that only girl care about this friendship bonding stuff . For once, they must sprout cheesy line , hold hand and act like lesbian to fortified their friendship . This happen because they need to show everyone that they cherish their friendship and act like BFF in order to make the friendship happens . In other words , girl need to have physical action and direct message in order to build up their friendship , they will get all unsecure when insult and the lack of ~I love you ,you love me , we are one big lesbianly~ happens. Us manly man don’t do that at all .

In the end , the reason I still watch Kimi ni Todoke is because it doesn’t sucks(it isn’t awesome wtfbbq shit too) , for once the animation is good . It is also a great lesson in studying about the shoujo genre and how girls think because apprantly , Kimi ni Todoke is a generic yet highly acclaim and relatable  series  , though I have never really watch any shoujo before so even if it is one big fat generic shit fest , I won’t know . I don’t particularly enjoy it but it is ok enough to use it to pass 23 min of my free time , it is at least better than pointless Seitokai ,   lolwtf-unfunnyshitty Kampfer , Fairy Tale and neverending repetive Inuyasha .

After 4 episode , I found out that girls like gay popular unfunny guy like Kazehaya and they love to get all depress because people don’t want to be her friend anymore . They overrate friendship as well …. … whatever , fucking kangaroo .