After years of researching , I have come up with the fundamental steps of being awesome . Being awesome like I am , I must share this valuable result to my precious readers .

Step number 1 – Appearance (Guy)

Unless you are a gigolo or retard , you don’t need to be handsome . It is funny how we love girl with good appearance but find that all those handsome guy are fucking annoying and will like to bash the hell up of them . I guess it is just that those arrogant guy without any substance tend to be more handsome because they are bound to be a failure that leech of money off from women and women being women , willingly cringe on them even until their blood got sucked dry .

Not to mention , your face shouldn’t be a face that say ” I am a retard , please beat me up ” as well. You know it when you saw those kind of face and naturally , you will exploit  and make them your slave while beating them up . Funny how that work but there are just some face that ask for bullying .

Knowing that , an appropriate appearance is to look a little above average. The best is that your look emit the aura of humbleness or inconspicuous so that people won’t get annoyed by it . I am best at doing that . For one , I look down at all the people around me but everyone is not angry about it because with such an innocent and humble face like mine , people won’t believe that I am someone vile and evil . Otherwise , my inconspicuous make them not aware of me .

Milestone test/question : Are you invisible even after getting a full GPA? Does no one care about your project proposal even though you gave the best and most interesting ideas that get an A for you individual project?  Do you appear to be someone who can’t archive much even though you are one of the smartest person around? Can you blatantly show your arrogance yet no one get annoyed by it ? If yes , then you are along the same level as me.

Step 2 – intelligent

The first step in becoming intelligent is to actually believe that you yourself is one step higher than your average human  . Look down on people , damn them , treat  them like retard , laugh at them ,but encapsulate all that in mind and don’t show it blatantly . Your normal human being especially teenagers are most likely retard , hence with those thoughts and how it actually hold some truth that you are smarter than those teenage retard , you will build up your confidence and that confidence will further fortified your intelligence . In other words , you need to be confident with your intelligent to truly be intelligent  , couple this with step one and you won’t appear to be an arrogant bastard .

Be aware though , academic result can’t measure one intelligence because a lot of people know the trick of taking exam but don’t really understand what they are studying .  What’s the trick for taking exam you asked? Mug like fuck of course! Everyone can get straight A’s if they mug like fuck but the truly intelligent one slack all day yet get good result . Intelligent people know the amount of effort they need to put in to get their desirable result . For one , I know that my first semester is easy like 1+1 , that’s why I only use 8 hours in total to study while laughing at others that mug like fuck .    The end result? I fucking fail to get a single B of course .

Step 3 –  Be Funny .

A lot of people misunderstood humour , if not , they won’t find Seitokai funny  . Being funny is good because it actually shut you up . Why does it shut you up you asked? The essence of a good humour is that every single word you utter is accompanied with laughter . That’s why you will shut up if you can’t conjure up any funny things to say , and most likely , that is the case . What funny thing can you say when you are surrounded by people with bad humour anyway ?

Shutting up is good because the less word you speak , the less weakness and flaw you will showcase .

Though this is accompanied with huge pressure , firstly , people expect you to be funny all the time and if you failed once , the impact is rather big . That’s why to counter that , I conjure up another theory of success – be as dull as you can when you can’t be funny so people won’t bother you with their bad humour that will influence your good one .

What about normal conversation that is neither dull or funny you asked? Sorry , my level and thinking doesn’t click well with others most of the time , that’s why most likely , I can’t conjure up any conversation because I refuse to bring myself down to their level . Seriously , what can you say when people are having a conversation about how Digimon is a classic anime but Pokemon is not with a straight face? Or how he or she like sweet food and treat it like the most important and relevant thing in the whole wide world? Or how he and she are best friend forever and get all passionate in useless , superficial and boring stuff?

Step 4 – Don’t write Japanese in your msn/aim/facebook  if you don’t know any Japanese .

I kid , please write as much as you want because I want to laugh at how stupid you are  because your Japanese is full of spelling and grammar mistakes . わたし anyone? うちかえりますanyone? I don’t mind if you are weak in your Japanese but those are really funny mistake like “I r a pig”. Not to mention , it is just one line and those mistakes really show the lack of any Japanese skills . In other words , don’t write Japanese if you yourself don’t know what you are writing , otherwise , it will look as stupid as placing R+V as your top ten anime because apparently , you are just trying to be someone you are not .

This step tell you that step 2 is actually a very risky step to take because the line between a real genius and real retard is rather thin . That’s why step 1 must be accompanied with step 2 to lower the damage  .

Step 5 (Final Step) – Be true and honest .

This is a double-edged sword because not everyone can condone your directness  . However this is the most important step to become awesome . I for one seldom lie , I just conceal information . I never deny the fact that I look down on people , I never deny the fact that I think that I am very smart , however , I don’t say it out as well . Being frank also help you to get rid any air of arrogance and pretentiousness . Actually , disregard all the 4 steps above and just follow this step . Be someone who you think you truly are and no one will get angry with you , rather , people will respect you due to that .   Though , please make sure that you are not a bastard in the first place .

Man , the last paragraph sound so cheesy and corny !