Gossiping  is a favourite pastime of many people.

Not for IWICSYI of course. He’ll just say it out right in your face.And of course, you won’t get annoyed by what he said. He’s just so cool to be hated!

Back to topic. Gossiping can be considered as a form of information sharing session. However, the term ‘gossip’ comes about because usually, bad things are said more often than not.

Usually, for those who have a bunch of friends in school, and I emphasise on the word ‘Usually’ (There are exceptional cases which I won’t cover), of no doubt there will be a particular group or individual that people will always gossip about. For example, our dear PhoenixNerd who went Yinchuan to brew his Immortal Pills (note : https://iwicsyi.wordpress.com/2009/02/02/the-case-of-the-missing-phoenix/). He was a usual choice of topic for people to gossip about. Then again, considering that fact that I’m with him most of the time, I guess I am included in the picture too.

Gossiping is also a way to vent our frustration. “You know hor, that bitch didn’t do her fucking work again leh, kanina chao chee bai.” It is to convey negative messages about something/someone to others subconsciously. If you do not know the ‘victim’ well, then in your mind you’re unknowingly categorising the ‘victim’ into your “OMG folder- DANGER, DO NOT STAY NEAR”.

Maybe that’s why people get isolated.

I love to listen to my classmates gossiping about one another. Things tend to get interesting every now and then. Sometimes, we even find out that we actually share the same sentiments.


Oh, one random thing. Tsundere girls are just idiots, faggots, bitches, and should rot and burn in the deepest depths of hell.


Another random thing : Do you know that owning a girlfriend is not a form of investment? If you two were to break up, she stands to gain… well, almost everything you’ve given her. If you two were to divorce (assuming you managed to get scammed through the boyfriend-girlfriend stage), she stands to gain a portion of your income as her “life-support income”, aka “maintenance fee”.

In case that you’re glad that you have had her virginity, you’re fooled. Virginity makes no sense to most women as of late. Yes i said most, not all, so if you think that you’re not one of the aforementioned group, then shut your holes and wait till you get laid by the one you ‘truly love’. Heck. Money is what those bitches want, and given the opportunity, they’ll be more than willing to offer a high price on eBay.

So much so for having feminist groups and organizations. They fight for money, not equality. Heck, what equality is there to fight for to start with?

So, stop hiding under the pretext that you’re fighting for equality. Admit straight to us males that you bitches are fighting for money and fame.

Why is the economy tumbling crumbling and stumbling? It is because the males are being influenced by those women to make the wrong laws and legislation. Heck, males are so easily to get cheated by females. Just offer thy holes fer pleasure, and power shall come to thy. That shall make a good quote for the woman’s bible.

Remember the warring times? Men were true men, fighting for justice. How did these great men fall? Women. Those sly foxes, unsatisfied with solely using their fingers to climb the stairways to heaven, and afraid to find other men to have fun with, came up with such elaborate schemes to force their husbands to accompany them at home to pleasure them. Men, being true men, abandon their countries to accompany their wives to not shame the name of their family. Battles and countries have been lost due to the stupid fucked up mind of women.


Just to note : I am not anti-women. I appreciate all the things they do at home, eg house chores, cooking, taking care of children etc. However, it is those bitches out there wanting to get laid to achieve monetary advantages, reputation, power that I have deep grudges with. The worst kind of bitches are those not wanting to get laid but still want to achieve the named advantages above. At the very least, the former group did “earn” what they worked for.with