After watching the epic 2.0 , you can (not) advance ,7 main doubts of mine are cleared .

Doubt Number 1: Hideki Anno really suffered from depression when he created Eva .

Doubt Number 2: Hideki Anno finally recovers from it . Everyone turn into likable characters and Shinji became Simon number 2 with all those manly power and such .

Doubt Number 3: The tv series is complicated for the sake of complication and some of those so-called answers are just speculation by fans. Evangelion 2.0 is surprisingly to the point without acting all mindfucking . I finally understand eva thanks to the movie. I don’t need to read guidebooks , wikipedia ,rewatch it one hundred times , make speculation to understand what’s going on in the movie .

Doubt Number 4 : Shinji is not a gay . Shinji loves Rei and he rejected the manly kiss from Ryoji.

Doubt Number 5: Rei and Asuka  liked Shinji . Between them , there is romance entanglement .

Doubt Number 6: The reason why Asuka kissed Shinji is because she felt lonely . This was never explained in the tv series or I simply just missed it . Actually , lots of things are not explained clearly in the tv series , especially the relationship between all the characters . Eva 2.0 explictly make the characters say out their true feelings and such , hence clearing lots of doubt. It is really a “rebuild” of the storylines to make thing sounds more coherent .

Doubt Number 7: The movie explained third impact with more details. From what I can gather , Shinji awoke Eva 01 true potential and some sort of became a divine being . This divine being togehter with the revival of Lilith turns everything into energy or so to say , the original form of all beings hence causes the third impact . Seeles(with their mark 6) and Gendo motive is to create this divine being . As oppose to the whole adam combines with lilith talks in end of eva , the movie is more clear cut with it .

Others think that the sudden change of personality of Asuka and Rei are new elements . However , I think that those personality appears in the tv series as well , though in the movie , they are  just more explict with it.  The whole movie feels like Anno telling you what is going on behind the scene in the tv series by being more clear cut with it . I also felt that Anno want to tell us that the movie is the right way to percieve Evangelion and how all those wikipedia is wrong. He explictly show love relationship between Rei , Shinji and Asuka  just to convey that .Not to mention , he also makes Shinji less gay to clear all those gay speculation . The lack of interaction between Asuka and Ryoji in the movie might also hint that Asuka doesn’t really take Ryoji as a love interest in the tv series . All in all , it felt like a less fucked up version of Evangelion , the true end of it .

One might argue that the movie version is the sequel of EoE hence what I felt might be wrong . I actually accept that because I felt that the movie might as well be a sequel of EoE due to the last segment after the ending song coupled with various hints  . However , that doesn’t change the fact that 2.0 might be telling you what’s behind the scene by creating some sort of an alternate universe to clear things out while acting as a sequel on top of that .

With that ,I am lost of words , before writing it down , I have so much to say , so much to analyse . However , now I don’t know what to write  . If the tv series is anything like the movie , I might really jump onto the evangelion bandwagon . . The CGs are one of the most breathtaking , natural looking , smooth and simply the best CG an anime can get .

Really awesome movie , top ten material definitely . I might rewatch it again with Holydreams this coming Saturday . If you have not watch it yet and is living in Singapore , I recommend you to watch the first movie so we can go watch it together again next time . To make it more clear , Alaric and JingXiang , go watch the first one  then find another time to watch the second one so I can rewatch it again for the third and fourth time .