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It is greater than great.

That doesn’t help  right?

My interpretation for the ending is that everyone sort of get their wish granted through the power of hell gate. This  causes lots of possibility of interpretation especially for Suou . I guess her wish is to retain her memories and that is  granted by transporting her to the clone world Shion made. July wanted to be with Suou and that is also granted through the same mean . Shion wanted to create another world and hope that Suou will get to see it so that is sort of granted as well. Then what is their consequences? They all die in the real world , hahaha.  Also the three eagle whatever prophecy said that when Shion and Yin meet , heaven and earth will split apart . I guess the heaven is the world created by Shion right? Or not .

In the end , the hell gate  opened and I guess the creature that will roam from there is that Yin lookalike clone . As for Izanami , she was destroyed by Hei , or was she?

The motive for section 3 is to stop Izanami. CIA motive is to make use of Izanami . What about MI6 then?  Also , that busty blond hair Mao ex lover belongs to which group? She asked Hei to destroy the seal of Yin  so to proceed the plan of creating that artificial world made by Shion right? That’s why she can’t be with section 3 . I guess she stands on neutral ground and belongs to neither of any groups even though she is with section 3 in the end . Her motive is one of the most convoluted one .

I must somehow make sense of this convoluted situation . I need to strengthen my mind. I must do chi , spiritual unification and practise zen , I have been chased by real army!

Putting the complicated plot aside , Darker than Black shines with the atmosphere it created via strong ost , especially when tragedy strike . Coupled that with tons of shock values and amazing animation , Darker than Black became a really enjoyable series even if the plot can be so baffling at times.  Though I am quite disturbed by the relationship between YinXHei and SuouXHei .

On a lighter note ,Darker than Black is a harem in disguise , just look at how many girls fell in love with Hei  ! Even crazy one like Havoc likes him . Though I didn’t know why Lesbian Samurai girl didn’t kill Hei before she was stopped by that old manly gun totting guy. Maybe she likes Hei as well but whatever .

Oh , Hei is a pedophile and has  siscon tendency.


Anime is for nerds . We are all cool and dandy here that’s why we don’t talk about nerd stuff , we talk about popular things that we odd to do –  like traveling. So yea , let’s do the” Which Country Will You Like to Go” today!

Ha! You are wrong if you thought that I wanted to go to Japan . Going to Japan is useless , more so  if you go there for anime stuff . For one , I can’t even read Japanese , so what’s the use of going there ? Buy tons of hentai manga that I don’t understand ? I need subtitle for my hentai you know? That’s why the only thing that I can buy and understand is figurine, but only sissy boy play with those skimpy clothed figurine .No I am wrong , you can’t play with figurine ,you can only cum on them!

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First thing first , it will be fucking chinese again because my english fail so hard , I can’t do justice to this wonderful piece . The difference is though , for my ” No Longer Human” post , I concentrated on the novel  more than the anime series itself , like totally novel material there . However , this time , I will write about the anime series because amazingly , it is better than the original due to the parallel it drawn . For your information , Takada’s story is not inside the original “Run, Melos”  , not even one tiny ounces of it . That’s why I am very impressed with the original content from this episode. Man , Nakamura Ryosuke , keep up the good work . I have high hope  in him .

Of course , like all my post , I treat it as if you had seen the series already  .

太宰治一向来的作品都带这哀伤与绝望 , 但原作中的 《快跑、梅乐斯!》却是一部充满希望的短文。我想那是因为如动画里所描述的一样,太宰治在述写这部作品时处于在最平稳,最从满斗志的时期,因而这些素质便在《快跑、梅乐斯!》 中自然的反映出。 好了,做了些微无谓的介绍后让我们来谈谈动画吧。

首先,动画巧妙的加入了自己原创的插曲。这段插曲描述了高田与城岛间的友情,背叛,愧疚与原谅 , 深切的画出与 《快跑、梅乐斯!》的平行而表现出了人物的喜怒哀乐。如要从始而终的描写本人对这部作品的看法与感想的话,那会十分的长闷。所以我就些微的提提动画中的要素。


    高田经历过城岛的背叛,而《快跑、梅乐斯!》却是一部充满友情主意的作品。可想而知,当他在写《快跑、梅乐斯!》写的剧本时, 一定有把自己和在其中的角色对比。但问题来了,他到底和谁做了对比?萌sucks叙说高田与每个角色都有对比但除了国王的对比以外,我不以为然。 我认为高田只和赛里努丢斯做了对比。赛里努丢斯相信梅乐斯会回来救他, 这不就和高田在等待城岛一样吗?原作的最后有提到赛里努丢斯有对梅乐斯怀疑过,这不就是高田对城岛的想法吗?动画里根本没描述赛里努丢斯的想法,那是因为高田已在自身的经历中表示了赛里努丢斯的心情。
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Hahahahahahaha , thanks for the occasional laugh .

Read tags for more information .

That’s all .

Christmas is coming and let me wishes you a Merry Christmas because if I don’t do it here , I can’t do it anywhere. More or less ,during christmas I will be staying at home feeling isolated , reading all the christmas wishes via email send by bots from forum like how it happened during my birthday . Man , people aren’t even arse enough to send a simple facebook tag or whatsoever , fuck you man fuck you all .


So for this joyous event that every students hate because it added no holiday while hinting you that school term will be starting soon , let’s do the same old same old best of 2009( no decade list because it will be the same as my favouritewhatso list) or whatsoever award!

I remembered that I once said that  I will be doing a best decade hentai or whatever but you know what? After publishing that post , my com went to heaven for some reason . This must be the punishment by buddha and his buddy so I decided to discard away that idea . In return of that , I will copied everyone’s idea and write a reflection about 2009!

To start of , I remembered that I ate some rice and drank some water during the first day of January . I think that is also the official opening date for iwicsyi .I have fun with my  friends and everyone is very happy … … what! This is not ok!

Without further ado , with a very enthusiastic tone , let’s write about anime from 2009!


Best of the Best Anime for 2009 – Evangelion 2.0 because it is epic like that .

Never did I once watch a movie 4 times in  Cinema until Evangelion . If you didn’t know this , it is actually a miracle if I step out of my house to do something so cool and dandy like watching movie . Most of the times , there are only 2 reasons for me to go out – free dinner or buying comics  . Man , what a sad life , maybe I should go out more and do something more cool  like buying shirt from Cospa or go to the busiest street downtown for Kinokuniya and UCC coffee . Maybe picking up figurine as a hobby will be a good  because I will need to go out more after that.

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Let’s talk about the reason why Dragonball is so successful because that is the only serious thing anyone can come up with when Dragonball is the topic .

Americans hate Dragonball , they think that it is the abomination that incarnate from hell and should be burn to death by the hellish fire or something . However ,I grew up with it and respected it as the classic that brought me up . It is my Twinkle Twinkle Star nursery rhyme and more than conventional fairy fable . Once I grew up and was able to understand its flaws and how idiotic the plot are , I don’t hate it , I don’t complain about it but I felt nostalgic and embrace it like a gay.

I started reading Dragonball when I was three like yea , three .Of course I don’t know what the story was about but I could enjoyed it due to the simple yet attractive fighting scenes(not Bulma’s boob of course. … … Really no!) . If you actually care about Dragonball enough which most likely not because it is the abomination that incarnate from hell and should be burn to death by the hellish fire or something , there isn’t actually much details in each panel . This is because Akira Toriyama is one big lazy bastard that watches television and plays with cats while working . His laziness was actually shown everywhere like barren background , lines to showcase fast movement and discoloured hair . However , thanks to this simplistic design , children love it . They could stay focus on it and actually start flipping through pages to look at those interesting fight scene and comical drawing until they got attracted to it .Dragonball definitely has the charm for viewer’s to get attracted to , coupled with the fact that it is easy to read and you can go on and on non-stop , it will be weird if it doesn’t appeal to children (5 to 14 years old).

Give the children detailed background and they will go to sleep but give children some cute and simple design and they will attach to it . The first step for success is to appeal to children as children are gold mine like women .Just look at how successful Yugioh or Pokemon or Digimon are ,children are  stupid like that as they fell into the merchandising trap easily. What’s more , they are easy to be please .I know because I am a children once and is a man-child now .
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I’ve finished Season 3 today, after 8 months since I started on episode 1.

I don’t think I’ll post much about the show here, but more of my thinking and feelings after watching it. Read the rest of this entry »

Giant X LOL!  Daicon films started it all! Macross’s Itano Cirus(started as early as 1st Gundam though but no one care) , Gainax’s crazy anime , Sadamoto and emo Hideaki Anno , everything! Every anime fan should at least know the legendary Daicon film because it is what made Gainax “Gainax” today .

Also , Otaku no Video is a god creation , that is if you know the intention of the series .

So after 2 weeks of not watching any anime except for that wonderful Fumiko’s Confession short , I finally finished Nyan Koi . Actually , there isn’t much to say about it , everyone know the drill . First 7 or so episode were decent and quite funny but for some reason , after that  the pacing turns dull . Though I am not really critical about that so in the end , it is still quite a decent fill-in series for me ( especially so when this Fall Season is so weak , something like Nyan Koi can easily fit it into the top 5 unless you love lesbain show).

You know , at least it is good enough for me to post an obligatory post about it to let off some steam ( also , watching it quite willingly ) . Saying that it is mediocre is a little too harsh I guess , so maybe above average beift it well .

Ofuuri is a very gay show whereby the gay undertone is very strong , so strong that it makes you really gay . Though sometimes I really wonder if there are any gay hormones in me because I liked Ofuuri a lot and man , Genshiken season 2 episode 5 is the best . So after the announcement of Major season 6 , we will be also getting an Ofuuri season 2 , both will air during the spring season .

Aren’t I feeling gay about that? Really gay that there will be a counter balance between manly and gayish baseball coming soon .  So what’s left now is more gay men by Ogiue from Genshiken 3 next Spring and 2010 might as well be the best year for us to be gay about . Let’s play Ode to Joy on the background and celebrate the gay spring this coming 2010!


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