After replying a tl ;dr to RocketHam and Hoyldreams on Holydreams’s previous post , I realised re – realised that people look for different thing when they watch anime and that’s the reason why people have such diverging opinions.Though it is true that everyone watches anime for enjoyment but what actually contribute to that enjoyment in the first place? With that ,let’s get back to the same old same old and talk about what I look for in an anime! Wooohooo ! What an innovative and fresh topic , I must be  a cool blogger!

Top Priority: Manly Power

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is not perfect but I love it so much so that I place it as my top three anime . The reason being that it showcase the epitome of manliness . With the power of manly spirit , even pig can pierce through the heaven!  The thrill and the excitement that come from its manliness  surge out like a fully charged ejaculation .  This is not any normal enjoyment that I can get , only the power of manliness supply me with such joy .

That’s the reason why I enjoyed sport series even though they are repetitive and stupid as well.Not to mention , after watching TTGL , I really felt the motivation and emotional build up within me . I remembered that I believed in myself after their rousing manly speech .

I like weak character redeeming themselves and considered it as  the best manly action , even better than being manly  at the start of the show . This is why I love Onani Master Kurosawa because it is a story about redemption and becoming a man!  This is also why I like Simon more than Kamina. Simon is more manly because he learned how to become a man rather than being a loud mouth retarded man who steal the true hero limelight when he was born .

Second Priority: Tragedy

I don’t know why but I loved tragedy . People always complained about tragedy and angst but I really like them because it leave a bittersweet aftertaste .Bittersweet is as tasty as manly sweat because it hurt so much , it make the whole show so memorable . There are two type of tragedy for me ,  the cool and the uncool one . The cool one is those realistic one like those in Eden ; it’s an endless world(not EOTE) and Planetes .The uncool one is of course those sentimental sissy shallow one like those in Kanon 2006 ,  TTGL , Major ,ef and Kgne .  I like both of them equally.

Third Priority: Relatability

Everyone  love to relate , I love to as well . One of the reason why I like teenage angst is because I am a teenager . The reason why I like some underage female character is because you know what? I am underage as well . I think I don’t need to elaborate on this too much.Relatability can mean similar ideal as mine , experience that I had and other stuff that escape my mind .

Fourth Priority: Comedy

Sometimes, comedy can come together with relatability to top the priority list . Of course , tragedy and manly can combined as well and top the list again . ??? Whatever , I digress but I am very serious about comedy and let me make it clear ,  Cromartie High School and Sexy Commando are the only pure comedy series that I ever lol at . I didn’t lol after 31 episode of Gintama , never lol after 29episode of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei , never lol after 12 episode of Detroit Metal City and definitely nearly felt asleep when I watch Kannagi or whatever show that were suppose to be funny .

Though  , I laughed at a lot at hybrid series that combine comedy with other stuff . This is due to the unexpectedness , that’s why hybrid series always seems to be more funny .   Regardless , if any series make me laugh , it will score huge point .

Fifth Priority:Animation and Music

After watching Evangelion 2.0 for 3 times(going for the final fourth tomorrow maybe) , I felt the power and awesomeness of great ost and animation . The scene where the robots ran and catch that mother bleeding tsunami ball is so spectacular  , I can rewatch it for 100 times .  The music “Destiny” that plays during the scene is one of my favourite song now as well. Great animation coupled with great music will definitely ensure a high rating in my books because eye and ear feast is one of the sole reason of entertainment right? That is why I love shit like Kurozuka and other well animated series as well . ef a tale of melodies although quite weak in terms of storyline , the dramatic music allows me to enjoy it very much. That’s the power of great music .

Seventh Priority: Interesting concept/message

Everyone love interesting things , I love it as well . Not much explanation needed for this and now I am like listing every thing that an anime can offer and in return, making the whole post useless.  I promise , the next one will be the last one!

Final Priority: Character

If and only if the characters is so spectacular and relatable and fuckable(admirable for man) , I will then consider the character as part of the reason why I enjoy the series very very much . Very very much means top 10 material .Actually all these piority are piority that allows an anime to be my top ten material and what I enjoy the most and it seems like I already listed everything out there .

However , if the character sucks , I don’t really mind though . For one , I don’t really particularly like any character from Kanon 2006 .  I liked Sakabe from 11 eyes because she provided blowjob , get licked and showed bra but 11 eyes sucks very badly still . Actually I am bullshitting , I like Sakabe because the other characters from 11 eyes is too shitty. In other words, she is fuckable but she is not relatable and spectacular so she can’t help 11 eyes from sucking .

So what is it that you look out for in an anime? Even though it seems like I have already list everything that is out there , there are still lots of stuff to look out for . Some examples are intelligence , seiyuu,creativity , groundbreaking , shoujou romance , shonen values , action , moe , cute ,message , depth , substance  or simply just different order of my priority.