Eh , this is not much of a post but I found out that a lot of people actually didn’t like Book Of Bantorra . The reason given is that they can’t take the show seriously (without giving example of course). Some even go to the extend of giving really weird answer like Ali Project sucks , that’s why every series that has them as the op singer suck . Though , another interesting observation is that there is little to no middle ground for Book Of Bantorra . It is either you like it and think that it is really a very decent series , almost the top 5 of Autumn 09 like me , or you dislike it and think that it is so boring , it might as well be lower than Kampfer( strangely popular even though it is … … never mind) .

If you think of the usual complain of anime such as too much moe or whatsoever , Book of Bantorra actually didn’t have much element that people usually hate . However , many people are still not liking it . Why ? I asked myself ,has my taste gone to such new low that I am liking a shitty series? No , definitely no . The reason why I liked Book of Bantorra is because I actually thought that the story is pretty unique and well crafted (Colio arc is really great and fit in really well). The whole setting is so well construct , I am actually interested in it . I do agree that the characters can be rather unappealing but eh , character is never a big deal to me and I do like Book Of Bantorra’s characters if I have to say it .

Ah ha! I realise the reason why people didn’t like Book Of Bantorra , it is because there are no focus on any characters at all hence no one seems to be likable enough! On my previous comment to RocketHam , I have mention that people will watch a show because of character and character alone . The reason why I bring that out is because I actually hated that . People are over emphasising on character , so much so that a sub par anime can just churn out mass appealing characters and get shitty at all the other aspect yet gain a huge following . Case in point is series like Kampfer and K-on . People are swooning over ambiguous gay and cute girls while enjoying said series even though they are pointless in every sense. . On the other hand , those series that doesn’t have any mass appealing archetype or conventional cute design will most likely be underwhelmed . Case in point : Book of Bantorra , Aoi Bungaku and Guin Saga . Sometimes , I felt like I am the only one that watches and enjoyed those series .

Another reason why people dislike Book Of Bantorra is because episode 1 really sucks . When I first watched it , I thought that their dialogue is really pretentious and can’t be taken seriously . The whole atmosphere felt like a joke( Shooting beams and acting cool while looking shitty) and the CG animation( OMFG! CG=SHITSHOW!!!!) is quite jarring even though I didn’t really pay much attention to it. However , I can see its potential and episode 2 clear the air of pretentiousness albeit the episode is still weak . Then episode 3 came and I know I am watching a winner here . Though , a winner to me is the loser for others .

To make it clear , I am not complaining and have no intention to recommend Book of Bantorra at all because it is obvious and proven that majority won’t like it . I am just writing to myself to deduce some reason why others dislike Book Of Bantorra because no one will give me acceptable answer as it seems like Book Of Bantorra doesn’t deserve any attention to even slightly talk about it at all , to the majority that is .

Though , I find it interesting that people who have a totally opposite taste from mine disliked Book Of Bantorra . Of course , they love K-on ,Seitokai , Kampfer and Higurashi.

I think I will write more about Book of Bantorra after I watches more episode , that’s why for convenience sake , I will call it BoOB in the future. ( now at episode 5 because great series must be marathoned and shitty series like Sacred Blacksmith is better to watch and fucking get over it as soon as possible.)