Man , we are getting really lazy aren’t we? Let’s write something to waste time!

1. Major is getting a season 6 next April , man , and I always thought that Season 5 will be the last one but whatever , more Major is always good .

2. Next year will be the 3rd anniversary for Genshiken season 2 . The time range between season 1 and season 2 is 3 years as well . Not to mention , the new DVD boxset of Genshiken 2 will be out during this 22th December 2009 . How about we throw away Code Geass 3 and do Genshiken 3 instead? Volume 8 and 9 although not fucking awesome per se but it is at least fuck awesome .

3. 1995 -Evangelion , 1997- End Of Evangelion , 2001-FLCL , 2004 Gun Buster2 , 2007 – TTGL . If we follow this pattern, every two to four years , Gainax will be producing some great work . So does that means that the kindergarten show will be the next big thing? Well , at least it is my most anticipated winter series after Durararararararararara.

4. You will know how great those big house animation studio are progressing when you found out that all of them will be doing ova for USA games next season . Man , aren’t I excited that I will get the chance to watch anime for games that I haven’t heard or play of especially afer I have seen how awesome games adaption can be thank to that epic Shining Tears X Wind.

5.What! Accelerando will be extended into 4 episode? Man , 2010 is a great year indeed .

6. Aki Sora is awesome because it show explicit sex scene (like having one whole chapter dedicated to a sex party ) and yet is getting an ova adaption. Seriously , what is going on with the world?

7. He is Qwaser , A Qwaser .His blood of Breast Milk and heart of Iron . He uses breast milk to make iron . He , breast milk … … WHAT!

8. Who cares about Love Plus when you can get all the virtual girl friends you want from Tokimeki Memorial . Man , those good old days of me playing Tokimeki Memorial 1 SNES version while reading its Japanese using Chinese . I will watch every Tokimeki Memorial anime adaption out there thanks to that , in other words , Tokimeki 4 ova will sucks but I will watch it nevertheless.

9. It is true that people think that TM 8.0 is an awesome series because the summer season sucks and it didn’t have your usual moe fare and whatever , just like how Kaiba is a great series because it has unique animation and a seemly complicated storyline or how Higurashi is a psychological series because people are killing one another . However , I will say that TM8.0 is still a decent series in the end . At least I finished it quite willingly and episode 1 , 5 ,8 and 11 is quite good. Kaiba and Higurashi weren’t bad as well .

10. Decade list eh? How about the best hentai this decade? I have watched quite a lot of it albeit , I only completed 19 of them . By the end of December , I think should be able to churn out quite a remarkable list.