I finally watched an episode of anime!!! I feel so accomplished that I could cry. Albeit that the show is one that I’ve left it unwatched for like, say, 8 months or so.

It sure felt great hearing Enma Ai saying “Ippen shindemiru” once more. Unfortunately, that episode cut away her ‘trademark’ as the side character pulled the red string even before Enma could say finish her usual 45s prose.

And that episode reminds me of how foolish humans actually are. Well, the series does but to most preople, it kinda get boring but I find it interesting that people actually want to send others to hell because of various reasons, be it serious, stupid, in a moment’s rashness…

If only there were an episode that showed the consequences AFTER the person went missing. There had been some, but too brief to be for any real learning lessons. For e.g, when a famous pop star went missing, it is only known that there were searches for her. The episode just ended simply with “A new pop star has been born!” or something like that. I’m pretty interested in the reactions, emotions, actions of people in the missing people’s immediate circle.

Then again, it wouldn’t make much sense for these factors to be in the show.

Just in case you haven’t have a clue as for what show I’m referring to, it’s Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae.

Oh and this post is just to fill up the void IWICSYI left before he come back to flame me.