So I found out that I backed up Genshiken on my desktop and having nothing to do , I re-watched a few portion of it . I realised that Genshiken has this defining moment that really embodies the forlorness and bittersweetness  of romance ,I am talking about the Madarame X Saki scenes of course.

As we all know , Genshiken finished off with everything happy except for one unresolved issue; Madarame unrequited love . Every time when scenes of Madarame and Saki appear , I felt that I can truly understand the feeling of Madarame , the loneliness , the bitterness and the sweetness . It is just one simple moment such as that , I am brought down to tears because it is really emotional driving and sentimental . Though it is quite strange that I felt that way because I definitely didn’t have the same experience as Madarame.

This made me realised that Genshiken strongest point for me was not the insight of the otaku culture nor was it about the relatability but that real human emotion that made me ,the viewer sympathise with their characters . The journey , the ups and downs , the relationship and the interaction , we can feel it like they are real .

One of the reason why I really hoped for Genshiken 3 is because , the anime was actually  better than the manga . There were more struggles and real emotion thanks to the wonderful voice acting and the extra segment that the anime add . Sasahara employment was done in a way that was more conflicting and realistic , this further enhanced our sympathy to him as we had seen his character growth and hoped to see that he could brave through the conflict.

We were happy when they were  glad , we were sad when theywere down , this entanglement to the characters made Genshiken into what it is today , a true character driven series that held a special place in me .  I had seen many character that I can relate to , however , Genshiken’s characters were the only one that made me felt that they were real .