I’ve finished Season 3 today, after 8 months since I started on episode 1.

I don’t think I’ll post much about the show here, but more of my thinking and feelings after watching it.

First a brief summery : In season 2, Enma Ai, who died after rescuing some boy ( I seriously forgot who) from his townsfolk,  was thought to be… dead. Her comrades then blah blah blah blah. There’s plenty of hot lesbian kissing, must be because Enma is deprived after hundreds of years and her desire is shown in this season.

This season is pretty much like season 1, where the detective Hajime Shibita and his daughter Tsugumi Shibata tracked down Enma and tried to stop her sending people to hell. Season 3 depicts a Junior High School girl Yuzuki Mikage having visions, same as Tsugumi, and trying to stop Enma.

But to no avail.

Over the span of 3 seasons, different reasons for sending people to hell are being shown, ranging from petite reasons such as quarreling etc, to moderate bullying etc, or extreme cases such as rapes, murders etc.  Also, sometimes misunderstanding occurred, and the wrong person was sent. Speaking of which, that reminded me of season 1 where a nurse was sent, but the reasons were unknown. If I’m not wrong it was after that episode that Hajime started to give up stopping Enma Ai. This fact was further reconfirmed by Tsugumi in the latter episodes of season 3.

This show showed the 2 sides of human nature, both of good and evil. The reason why people are sent to Hell are generally because only their evil sides are seen by the “suffering” people. Then again, I feel a winch in my heart whenever there’s a scene depicting them taking care of their families, loved ones, or just any plain strangers. They have a reason to hate, and to be hated. One sentence from the show would be something like “Hatred breeds hatred, and as long as Man continues to exist, the Hell Correspondence will continue to do its job.”

Ignoring the second part of the statement, hate is an emotion that will never be extinct when man continues to live. It will coexist with other emotions such as love, joy, fear, sadness. But resolving hate with hate is something that confound me. True, we do that in realife too. But seeing it in exaggerated scenes really made me think once again. Is it worth it?

Hate is an easy emotion to be hooked on to. Depending on your temperamental, anything ranging from a minor accident to blackmail could cause hatred to be built up within you. For me, and I sure do believe I ain’t no saint, I believe hatred will be built up within me from ‘people bullying me’ onwards. Since I have no experienced anything of such sort yet, I can quite safely say I have not MUCH hatred, yet. (Yea, I hate IWICSYI for being so awesome.. and etc)

After reading No Longer Human and Sophie’s World, I’ve gained a more philosophical thinking to approach this topic. What is morally right and morally wrong? These are just illusions created by society. And what is a society? It is made up of individuals trying to protect themselves. There is no innate right or wrong born into a human, but developed into how the society works. That is why something morally right in say, country A may be morally wrong or isnane in country B.

Hence, hating someone is not wrong. Neither is it correct. But in current social trends, it’s okay to hate someone, as long as you just hate that person and no futher actions (such as blackmail, threats, violence) are taken against that person. But this is the paradoxical part; if you hate someone to the core, it’s only a matter of time before actions will be taken.

Life after getting revenge is not always sweet or happy ever after. Others may start to bear a grudge against you after your revenge, and sooner or later you’ll meet the same fate. And this cycle will continue, with absolutely no chance of it being broken.

Is it because of this that we live in constant fear? Fear that someday your actions of the past will come back to haunt you?

I do.

That is why I’ve tried to forget all my hatred. But this does not mean that people will appreciate the change and forgive you. Stigma… is not something that could be washed off as easily as one would like.

Maybe I’m becoming like the character in No Longer Human. Fear of the humans. Fear of their uncertanties in speech and actions.

It’s 1.20am when I post this, so I may be slightly emo here. But the show does show us the stupidity of various actions. And also if there were a back-up for the people (i.e. Jigoku Shoujo), they will not try to resolve the method in a, say, ‘proper method’. They know that there’s a more “direct” method to deal with the situation. They send their targets to hell with the same thoughts in mind, “Life is like a living hell already, so what is the suffering in eternal hell then?”

In short, live and let live, let bygones be bygones. If people could love pet or their stationaries so much, why not transfer some of this love to the people you hate? Something like “hate” to “slightly below neutral” is fine. I believe you’d love to have the same thing done to you too, I hope.