Let’s talk about the reason why Dragonball is so successful because that is the only serious thing anyone can come up with when Dragonball is the topic .

Americans hate Dragonball , they think that it is the abomination that incarnate from hell and should be burn to death by the hellish fire or something . However ,I grew up with it and respected it as the classic that brought me up . It is my Twinkle Twinkle Star nursery rhyme and more than conventional fairy fable . Once I grew up and was able to understand its flaws and how idiotic the plot are , I don’t hate it , I don’t complain about it but I felt nostalgic and embrace it like a gay.

I started reading Dragonball when I was three like yea , three .Of course I don’t know what the story was about but I could enjoyed it due to the simple yet attractive fighting scenes(not Bulma’s boob of course. … … Really no!) . If you actually care about Dragonball enough which most likely not because it is the abomination that incarnate from hell and should be burn to death by the hellish fire or something , there isn’t actually much details in each panel . This is because Akira Toriyama is one big lazy bastard that watches television and plays with cats while working . His laziness was actually shown everywhere like barren background , lines to showcase fast movement and discoloured hair . However , thanks to this simplistic design , children love it . They could stay focus on it and actually start flipping through pages to look at those interesting fight scene and comical drawing until they got attracted to it .Dragonball definitely has the charm for viewer’s to get attracted to , coupled with the fact that it is easy to read and you can go on and on non-stop , it will be weird if it doesn’t appeal to children (5 to 14 years old).

Give the children detailed background and they will go to sleep but give children some cute and simple design and they will attach to it . The first step for success is to appeal to children as children are gold mine like women .Just look at how successful Yugioh or Pokemon or Digimon are ,children are  stupid like that as they fell into the merchandising trap easily. What’s more , they are easy to be please .I know because I am a children once and is a man-child now .

Though what amazing is that dragonball appeals not only to children but teens and adults as well .Knowing that , Akira decide that it’s time to cater to the older group( this explain the evolution/devolution from a gag manga into a somewhat serious fighting manga) . Hence the next successful step that Dragonball took for mass appeal was the easy to read yet interesting and over the top fight scene . Everyone love fighting and if you don’t , then you must be the nerd that have no friend and get bullied. You can say that Dragonball is stupid but you definitely can’t say that their fight scene is bad . It is like Jackie Chan’s movie , everyone know that there are no substance in it but everyone watches and love it . Dragonball fight scenes were made up by simple lines but it was clear-cut , understandable and thrilling . These three qualities are more than enough to make a great fight scene that everyone enjoyed .After reading so many shitty , boring and confusing fight scene manga can offer , Akira Toriyama is definitely talented in this area.

We all know that Dragonball plot sucks .Though the  irony is that the sucky plot  enhance its readability as people are not reading for the plot but for its never tiring comedy and epic fights. The lack of plot ease us through pages without us noticing it . People are reading manga not for logic but for quick entertainment and this sucky plot of Dragonball helped in archiving that. This is another reason why manga that are plot heavy can’t appeal to the mass . It takes too much effort for a hobby that is meant to be effortless .

The simple moral values gave by Dragonball albeit stupid is enough to impact children’s and young teen’s life . It is embarrassing but I grew up into a sincere honest man with a sense of justice thanks to Dragonball’s ” I will protect you!!!” clichĂ© and I am sure I am not the only one (or am I?). This simple moral values add in a psudeo depth that differentiate itself from your usual mindless cartoon, and this differences delude people in thinking that what they read have substance hence created a good impression for the series itself.

“Moral values ? What about those sexual gags ?Those are indecent!” Yes , from an adult moralist point of view , those are definitely indecent , however from a child point of view , they are funny . I don’t know about you but children of my time always make fun of their own penis and call them kuku bird . They laugh at it and goes on farting like no one care . It is once we understand that our penis was used for sexual reason then we find it indecent . If not , it is just a long piece of meat that help us urine! Children definitely don’t know anything about sex and definitely won’t understand it just by some showing them some boobs gag and penis hence what they see from Goku’s penis is funny gag. For those that understand them , it will be funny as well so it actually cater to both children and adults (that have lesser moral than moralist) .

In other words , there are so many elements in Dragonball that anyone could enjoy . The chances that you liked one element in  it is hence very high and that consitute its wide appeal .

People praised Akira Toriyama as a genius not because of his well thought out storyline ( it is so obvious that he didn’t put in any thoughts on those) but his ability to create such a mainstream manga . His success was definitely something to commend about because after so many years of trying , imitating and researching , only Naruto , Bleach and One Piece out of hundreds of other manga achieved such wide appeal( like international appeal) . How could you explain the charm of his manga when it is so obviously inferior in artwork and such? Yes , you can explain how Dragonball appeals to the mass better than I did but there are lots of manga that follow similar attributes but yet can’t gain such popularity. So like what Bakuman said , the only explanation is that he is  a genius , that’s why.

As for the Dragonball(and Z) anime, it is too long for its own good. Not to sound like I am bitching but I must say this , Dragonball was meant to be a family cartoon hence explaining the long length . It is like you won’t complain that Doraemon is running forever since 20 years ago right? The problem though is that American don’t treat it as a family show(Doraemon) but as an Anime(Cowboy Bebop) due to how it was marketed. Hence everyone start evaluating it like how they evaluate anime .

Yes , their complains are legitimate if they are talking about anime , however they forget that Dragonball should be treated like a children cartoon instead and hence they shouldn’t be as critical as they are now. Still , if you think that being critical in evaluation for something like Loonely Toon is cool and good and intelligent, you are not wrong and no one can stop you .

Though my point on Dragonball anime brought up a difficult question that I couldn’t answer. If what I said was correct and true , then are Naruto and Bleach a family cartoon as well? If that’s the case , shouldn’t we change our views on them and evaluating them in a non critical way? No , definitely not because their fans are too annoying and most of the time , we criticise Naruto when in fact , we didn’t even watch a single episode of it hence we shouldn’t even care whether our criticism is valid or not.