Christmas is coming and let me wishes you a Merry Christmas because if I don’t do it here , I can’t do it anywhere. More or less ,during christmas I will be staying at home feeling isolated , reading all the christmas wishes via email send by bots from forum like how it happened during my birthday . Man , people aren’t even arse enough to send a simple facebook tag or whatsoever , fuck you man fuck you all .


So for this joyous event that every students hate because it added no holiday while hinting you that school term will be starting soon , let’s do the same old same old best of 2009( no decade list because it will be the same as my favouritewhatso list) or whatsoever award!

I remembered that I once said that  I will be doing a best decade hentai or whatever but you know what? After publishing that post , my com went to heaven for some reason . This must be the punishment by buddha and his buddy so I decided to discard away that idea . In return of that , I will copied everyone’s idea and write a reflection about 2009!

To start of , I remembered that I ate some rice and drank some water during the first day of January . I think that is also the official opening date for iwicsyi .I have fun with my  friends and everyone is very happy … … what! This is not ok!

Without further ado , with a very enthusiastic tone , let’s write about anime from 2009!


Best of the Best Anime for 2009 – Evangelion 2.0 because it is epic like that .

Never did I once watch a movie 4 times in  Cinema until Evangelion . If you didn’t know this , it is actually a miracle if I step out of my house to do something so cool and dandy like watching movie . Most of the times , there are only 2 reasons for me to go out – free dinner or buying comics  . Man , what a sad life , maybe I should go out more and do something more cool  like buying shirt from Cospa or go to the busiest street downtown for Kinokuniya and UCC coffee . Maybe picking up figurine as a hobby will be a good  because I will need to go out more after that.


Best Biggest disappointment for 2009- Clannad After Story

I think I am the only one that liked the first 10 episode and disliked the Nagisa arc  . You see , the Nagisa arc was so boring , I almost slept! Yes , I did marathoned like 15 or so episode per day but that was done with gritting teeth plus severe headache. Still , credit where credit is due , it is an ok to somewhat decent series if you don’t mind the obvious moe pandering . However it shouldn’t just be an ok series because it promises epic , like “Clannad is life” sort of epic (Lol Clannad is Life lol).

Did I just announce that I am a sissy that liked sissy series that have cute little girls in it? I think I did .


Best TV Series for 2009 – Major Season 5.

Actually this isn’t fair because I have not seen most of the 2009’s series . But from the rating by MAL , I guess I had seen quite a lot of the 8+   series and none of them was as enjoyable as Major season 5 . Eden of the East was good but it is definitely not as satisfying or fun as Major . However , if you are someone who determines the best out of the best by objective evaluation , Aoi Bungaku and Eden of the East were definitely better than Major ( Clearly I am not one because I have Kanon 2006 and KGNE as one of my favourite series you know?).

Second place goes to Cross Game.

What? You asked for Bakemonogatari? I will watch it when I have the time and don’t worry , it just might the best 2010 series if I really like it because you know what? It has been years since episode 13.


Best Animated Shorts – La Maison en Petits Cubes and Fumiko’s Confession

Man , they are better than Nyan Koi! and that says a lot .

Best Most Underrated Series for 2009

1. Guin Saga
2. Aoi Bungaku
3. BoOB

Just because it has a leopard head…
T_T LEAVE LEOPARD HEAD ALONE! and everyone really leave it alone .


Best Song for 2009

Tsubasa o Kudasai by Megumi Hayashibara

In all honesty , it sounds terrible (the original was sung by a competent singer though and no ,the K-on’s one sucks) . However , the scene from Evangelion 2.0 when this song was played formed a great and lasting image in my mind ; it felt good whenever I listen to this song after that .


Best Character in 2009- Usaru-san

What! Seriously though , most of the time I don’t really care about characters and Usaru-san is the first character that came into my mind when I saw this similar self masturbatory award from other blogs .


Best Anime Moment Because Everyone is Doing It , That’s Why I Must Follow Too for 2009

Evangelion 2.0 Shinji turned manly and catch the mother bleeding tsunami ball while “Destiny” was being played


Best Hentai for 2009 – Stretta : The Animation

This the only hentai I watched for 2009 . It isn’t that good but who else can win number one when there is only one participant


Best I Don’t Want this Anymore of 2009 – Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Season 3

Enough is enough really , I can’t even finish one episode of that now .


Best So Lucky that I Didn’t Start Season 1 ,Episode 1 of it of 2009

Nogizaki Haruka or what its name is . Holydreams started it , and now he is suffering with it … … or not because he love this kind of anime .


Best Commenters of iwicsyi.wordpress.comin 2009


The Moe Sucks trio

Cool guy that trolled Tenka Seiha






ichigo 100%’s commenters









DBZ haters commenters


That Rei’s seiyuu guy




Higruashi’s post commenters and pingbacker

Crunchyroll commenters and others.

Thank you for your regular comments , especially to the Moe Sucks trio , Rocketham , Baka-Raptor and Lelangir. Your comments gave me the delusion that someone is reading my inane post and man , that list looks like the ending credit of some Capcom fighting game right? Ending credit being ending credit , let’s end the post soon.

To end of , let’s remember that internet is like christmas everyday , we must forgive and forget any trolls and flame and whatever negative stuff because no one should take them seriously . Sometimes it is just differences in opinions afterall .