It is greater than great.

That doesn’t help  right?

My interpretation for the ending is that everyone sort of get their wish granted through the power of hell gate. This  causes lots of possibility of interpretation especially for Suou . I guess her wish is to retain her memories and that is  granted by transporting her to the clone world Shion made. July wanted to be with Suou and that is also granted through the same mean . Shion wanted to create another world and hope that Suou will get to see it so that is sort of granted as well. Then what is their consequences? They all die in the real world , hahaha.  Also the three eagle whatever prophecy said that when Shion and Yin meet , heaven and earth will split apart . I guess the heaven is the world created by Shion right? Or not .

In the end , the hell gate  opened and I guess the creature that will roam from there is that Yin lookalike clone . As for Izanami , she was destroyed by Hei , or was she?

The motive for section 3 is to stop Izanami. CIA motive is to make use of Izanami . What about MI6 then?  Also , that busty blond hair Mao ex lover belongs to which group? She asked Hei to destroy the seal of Yin  so to proceed the plan of creating that artificial world made by Shion right? That’s why she can’t be with section 3 . I guess she stands on neutral ground and belongs to neither of any groups even though she is with section 3 in the end . Her motive is one of the most convoluted one .

I must somehow make sense of this convoluted situation . I need to strengthen my mind. I must do chi , spiritual unification and practise zen , I have been chased by real army!

Putting the complicated plot aside , Darker than Black shines with the atmosphere it created via strong ost , especially when tragedy strike . Coupled that with tons of shock values and amazing animation , Darker than Black became a really enjoyable series even if the plot can be so baffling at times.  Though I am quite disturbed by the relationship between YinXHei and SuouXHei .

On a lighter note ,Darker than Black is a harem in disguise , just look at how many girls fell in love with Hei  ! Even crazy one like Havoc likes him . Though I didn’t know why Lesbian Samurai girl didn’t kill Hei before she was stopped by that old manly gun totting guy. Maybe she likes Hei as well but whatever .

Oh , Hei is a pedophile and has  siscon tendency.