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MAN! If you don’t know yet , I am your biggest K fucking on fan ever!!! EVER I SAID!! I buy Mio’s Dakimura and fuck her(it?) everyday , spreading my man juice all over her because that is my testament of LOVE! I also buy her figure and and lick her plastic underwear because licking is true love and my true love is Mio . Defiling your favourite character by buying and promoting merchandising of sexual gratification plastic doll and bolster cover is  the epitome of love . Spreading your man juice all over them is a step higher and I do that everyday , that’s why my love is the epitome of epitome . HA! Celebrating her birthday is weak and superficial , only spreading your man juice all over her product is what you called true love , the beautiful combination that reaches the highest spiritual of enlightenment .

So I am very excited about its season 2 being air this April because that  only mean that they will produce more variation of Mio Dakimura for me to do more dirty thing to test my love . Also , the episode 14 ova is the best thing ever, I anticipated it so much , I only know that it is out recently . I haven’t watch it yet but I know it will be the best because Mio’s Dakimura is really fuckable . In other word , I love K-on and  fuck their dakimura so much , I don’t have time to watch episode 14 and that is how strong my love is . I think I will be too busy with their dakimura for season 2 as well .


The internet is for storing naked pictures.

So the total real readers for IWICSYI is 4 ! I take it that the other million of views come from virga bots or some Russian spammers  .

Well , so the result is out! 1 for Philosophy and 3 for Holydream without s .  Personally , I have read some philosophy books and threw them into the dustbin after 5 pages . You know , before I enter philosophy , I always thought that it is a study about life and death and those kind of cool and deep questions . However , out of the 3 books that I read , all started with the topic “Nothing” . I can’t remember about them very well but 3 of them goes on about fallacy and how when you say something is  a non-existing , you don’t need to give examples how they are non-existing because they do not exist in the first place. In other words , if I said that God doesn’t exist , you can’t argue back by saying   how can I prove that it doesn’t exist because there is nothing there for me to prove in the first place .Hence , you can only provide its existence to counter me back but I don’t need any proof to say that it doesn’t exist because the lack of proof  is already  a proof for saying that so and so thing is non-existing .

I don’t know about you man , but that sounds to me like a course note for ” How to Win in an Argument 101″ rather than dwelling about issue of life and death .

What about Holydream then? What the fuck is that anyway? If you meant the Holydreams Holydreams , he doesn’t need to be studied ,  he is too easy to study , we shouldn’t even bother about his existence. Unless he doesn’t comment about this , then he might be worth studying . Otherwise , there isn’t anything worth to study about him . I am so disappointed that so many stupid guy choose this stupid option . Something as boring and plain like Science might be a better and useful choice but well  , people thought that they are cool and funny when they choose this kind of stupid option . This is how poll work , the stupidest and most unrelated option will win . I put this stupid option to test this theory and boy , how I am unsurprised by the result .

I am sad that no one choose the art of salacious video even though I  don’t know what it meant but hey , at least it sounds cool .

So what can we conclude in the end? We can conclude that if Stolid Blogger won in the poll , then I have to study IWICSYI which is  myself the whole day long .

On an unrelated issue , the reason why Mac Donald provides you with toilet paper napkin is not for you to wipe your mouth , it is for you to suck out oil from French Fries .

So I found this poll of mine  which was actually created when I just started out this blog . The main reason for this poll is to see how many people actually read this blog but well , for one reason or another , I suck and can’t insert it into the side bar or something .

I remembered how hardworking I am in my early days , searching through thesaurus to find a more sophisticated term for pornography .  I can’t let this amazing poll which I put my heart and soul and thesaurus down so I will let it (re) surface to the public. Oh , and I found out that there are 3 subscribers for iwicsyi on google reader . I don’t remember creating another 2 google accounts to subscribe myself so who’re the other 2 subscribers?  If you are one of the 2 subscribers , please leave a comment so I can praise your great taste in blog.

So like it had been long since the last update right? I have been thinking a lot of stuff recently , like the purpose of life, how philosophy is more of how to win in an argument rather than giving you answer to question and lots of stuff about issue such as gender roles and whatever. Then I gave up thinking and went to sleep because in my sleep , I can enter the Suikoden world and become the Suikoden hero .

Recently , I have been reading this Haruki Murakami’s book call “Wind up Bird Chronicle”. Actually , I have been reading it since like 1 month ago and is halfway finishing . You know , other than food , I consume everything very slowly .My reading time only consist of when I am in the toilet shitting or when I am transporting .Think of the nightmare I had especially reading when I am shitting . Some books describe the details such as inserting weird stuff into ass and how fucking painful it is so explicitly , I almost fainted a few times when I shit .

So yea , let’s talk about boobks today . Books are awesome because they help in regulating your sleep . That’s all.

Books is too wide a topic so let’s narrow it to light novel . I have read a few light novels , namely the whole of Twelve Kingdom , some GTO spinoff and such . Not a lot but enough . People always have this misunderstanding that light novel is actually very sophisticated and doesn’t have any cliché such as maid costume and such because it is a “novel” but they are wrong . Light novel is just anime in written form and have shit like Harem and whatsoever as well . Kanokon ,Inukami , Nogizaka Haruka , Shakugan no Shana , Zero no blah blah blah and Haruhi originated from light novel and with that , you should know that it isn’t anything like your usual novel . Of course , there are a few notable exception such as Kino no Tabi and Twelve Kingdom which are truly good and novel like , but they are just the few exception . The rest are just otaku pandering fare like your moe moe anime and such . Hell , lots of moe moe anime actually originated from light novel .

I am bullshitting in this part because I don’t really know the trend in Japan , but I bullshitted that light novel is actually worse in terms of pandering than manga because it gears more toward a more niche otaku crowd . Manga is more mainstream hence the pandering isn’t so excessive like with light novel scene . Of course , maybe it is just that most of the light novel here in Singapore are all the pandering type while in truth , in Japan , light novel is as mainstream and popular like manga then I have nothing to say except that I am wrong and you odd to hang me inside some oil pot and make me an oily man.

With that , I will end of this Rumbling Hearts section and wish everyone a happy birthday because I am sure that out of the million users that read this blog everyday , one of them bound to be born today . Oh , how I wished.

In the past , I really hated my country , however when I grew up , I come to accept and think that Singapore is really quite a wonderful country to live in. I treated that hate as ignorance , as a mistake of the youth . However , a recent insignificant event reminded me on why I hated my country in the past . I don’t hate my country because of the government or the system they implement , I hated my country because of the people living in here . The absurdities people,  especially retarded teens churn out here were really blood boiling . In school looking at people’s lack of common sense yet being arrogance sadden me , not that I should care about them but the amount of stupidity bother me and that says a lot . Enters a local forum and you see lots of shit , enters a neighbourhood school and you see the same amount of shit again .

Not to mention ,the trend of “paikia” or pseudo gangster is growing really strong . Kids nowadays have sex when they are barely 14 and smoke when they are barely 12 . They also give lots of ridiculous comments about gangs and shit while acting big . Why they do that? Because to them , those are cool and stylish . In other words, those absurdities are fashion for them . Something along this line of nonsense being treated as a definition for cool just show how blood boiling they can be at times.

I am not a moralist ,neither am I a really sane nor intelligent person to place my judgement on them  but the fact that teenagers are getting more and more absurd remain as a fact and it is jarring and offensive .

Maybe the reason why I am happy with my country now is because I have escaped from the hell of stupidity and entered the ruin of stupidity , a lot better than hell though non-blood boiling ignorance still remain. The difference between blood boiling ignorance and non blood boiling one is that the latter will learn one day and is actually a part of growing up while the former is just stupidity without any cure . I am still in the latter group and I know that lots of people are still in this stage because of the lack of experience so all is good and inoffensive .

Hope that one day , I can escape to the haven where offensive stupidity cease to exist or at least , it cease to exist within my sight .

IWICSYI , chatroom for no lifer.

Most of  DC’s post were short and simple , nothing more and nothing less . However he will always get a legion of fanboy commenting his post . People asked why and I will give my interpretations for the reason why today . Before anything , I will be first to admit that I don’t read his post regularly and seriously don’t find them any good . Though , there is this one great post about Mircosoft , and how he earn money through anime blogging  . That one is a must read because it is quite insightful , economic wise .  It teaches you about business trick and so on.

Well , to get back on track ,there are  lots of reasons for his popularity and I will share some of my deductions today .

Reason number 1 :

He is some sort of a celebrity  . He gained lots of exposure after he dances on Tokyo street with his Stormtrooper suit on . This helped him to get attention from the media and  got the chance to appear on television . This exposure than in return helped to generate lots of reader . Liking a blog is something really subjective , I always thought that this blog really sucks and I do think that lots of others thought of that too but strangely , RocketHam seems to like it here . What I want to say is that, even if  you think a blog sucks , there will be readers for it if it hit the right spot .Hence , if only 10% of the readers that DC gained from media exposure or his stormtrooper videos  liked his blog,  Danny had already gotten himself quite a lot of readers .
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Before everything , let me share some history of mine on how I got into anime . I always liked cartoon since I was young , started watching it when I was 2 or something to be more specific. At that time , there is this particular type of Chinese cartoon that seems so beautifully drawn and so awesome-ly linear , I liked it more than others . All those Chinese cartoons were actually anime .  I didn’t know they are called anime at that time  , but I do know that they are from Japan because my Brother told me so . I am reading (or rather looking) at Dragonball and loving it at that time as well that’s why I am familiar with their art style and can identify those Japanese cartoon .With  that, I continue watching and enjoying these Japanese Cartoon . Then Pokemon came and like every retarded kid , I liked it a lot as well . It fortified my interest in Japanese Cartoon .

When I was ten , GTO was shown on TV and  thanks to that  , I finally know the term anime and started reading all the tv guide to find more anime to watch . To swing my penis more , I watched some Evangelion , lots of Kindaichi and lots of others obscure Japanese cartoon when all you 20+ years old fucking anime nerds are still sucking milk or something . Ha! Take that! I am the old pro .

However , it is not until 3 years ago that our home applied Broadband . Man , just think of the possibility , if I could access to the internet earlier on , I might as well be the next big thing in anime blogging or something . Well whatever , let’s get back to broadband . So after getting the internet for 2 months or so , I realise that I can watch  my favourite Japanese Cartoon on internet. Then I wasted my soccer potential and everything else and start watching silly Japanese cartoon and became the  anti-social nerd now . Thank you so much , anime .

During that time , my passion is definitely there , so much so that I decided to start blogging my inane views to make myself feels better because I can share my views on anime and earn lots of advertisement money . Then I found out that bans all advertisement  … … !
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So recently , I have been re reading Onani Master Kurosawa and man , isn’t it a godly work? The portrayal is so realistic the main character has totally similar thinking process as mine! I remember the first time I read it like about 8 months ago , it causes so much impact on me , I got really emotional for a few days . I even plan to write a full-blown epic post but drop that idea because no amount of words can illustrate how godly it is . You know how we don’t really rave and talk much about our favourite thing even though we know that we can die peacefully now since we have seen the masterpiece already? Onani Master Kurosawa is like that.

Yesterday , when my friend was finding some stupid shonen like lol D gray man to read , I recommended him Onani Master Kurosawa and man , how dare he defile the godly Onani Master Kurosawa by reading it side by side with shit like D Gray Man?! BlasphemyI told you, blasphemy! Worse still is that he was more attracted to a stupid hotdog picture rather than getting all engrossed into Onani Master Kurosawa and that is like the stupidest thing people can do! Man , how I raged at the utterly bad taste of him . Another friend is worse , he stopped after 3 pages and started to play shitty chinese pop song that can’t even match the single atom of the godly Onani Master Kurosawa ! The world is doomed , no one spare a thought for masterpiece but give so much attention at stupid chinese pop song and hotdog picture . Doom I told ya .

So yea , I also read a few pages and man , I malfunctioned . I froze there , getting all emotional yet again just after a few pages . I struggled , trying to break through this depression because I can’t stay malfunction as I have a class later on . That’s why I forced myself to stop reading it and man , half of my body cells died instantly after doing that . No joke I told ya.

What’s the point of this post you asked? To urge everyone who doesn’t have the blessing of reading a page of Onani Master Kurosawa to read it now of course! You should stop all your work and everything and spare a few hours to read the whole 30 chapters of Onani Master Kurosawa now and you can die after that I don’t care , but don’t die before reading it . <- English Scan <- The Chinese Scan


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