Haha , Sacred Blacksmith although being a rubbish series can be very funny at times . I am finding myself laughing out loud more than when I watch some lukewarm comedy like err I don’t know , Seitokai? Nay , Seitokai isn’t funny at all .

NANI!  MY SPIRIT BOMB MISSED? WHY!? Because spirit bomb don’t hit good guy! That’s why!

Oh and that old guy vomited some blood and walk off after that. For what did he go there then? I don’t know .

Everyone is dead! AHHH everyone is dead! My bulging penis is all useless now because everyone is dead!! AHHHHH! To think that I practice abstinence for 3 years.

Sacred Blacksmith teaches us that when pro goes into hiding , they try to act all sneaky on bright street and hide behind signboard so not to attract any attention.

Sacred Blacksmith Guide to Hiding  101 rule number 1:I don’t want to attract attention that’s why I hide behind white cloth while exposing myself on a bright street.

What a great guide! Next time when I go into hiding , I must hide behind white cloth , exposing my face and everything while people walk pass me so others will be oblivious about my obvious presence.

Oh ,why is she hiding you asked? Because she was embarrassed by her new clothes!

Kyaaa ! Normal outfit! So embarrassing !

Her usual outfit on the other hand is all decent and not embarrassing though.

Hey , it seems that this whole show is full of plotholes!  Don’t worry man, this series doesn’t has any plothole at all because

this explained all .

Episode 11

Woah , so Lisa is the Liza incarnation to protect Luke or whatsoever . She incarnated into a petite little girl with no fighting ability but can cook and blacksmith well so to protect Luke. Hey ,if that’s the case , why didn’t she incarnate to Goku instead! Then she(he?) can repel that spirit bomb back to that old guy and end episode 10 in 3 min .  Elisa won’t die if that is the case . Also , how did Luke get away from that tentacle raping monster just because Liza incarnated into an elf girl? Strange revelation.

Oh , and didn’t episode 10 ended with them fighting the Seingfred or what his name ? Why did episode 11 time-skip to 2 days later? If Cecily wanted to kill that Black robe guy so much , why don’t she do it on episode 10 then?

Episode 12:

Haha , I told ya , Sacred Blacksmith follows the RPG guideline . The last boss always wait for their turn to attack . They can waste 2 min watching you summon Bahamut to kick their ass later . And we are so sure that his ass with get handed to him , no doubt .

Last but not least , Sacred Blacksmith teaches us the power of LOVE! and friendship and err Justice of Light or what Justice of Light means . Light of Justice? Whatever.


The Sacred Blacksmith is pretty much a rubbish show . Sometimes  it is so stupid , I can’t ignore it .

You see , 11 eyes is stupid too but I didn’t turn on my brain at all while watching it , that’s why I pretty much ignore everything unless they are really obtruding . However , I can spot lots of stupid things from Sacred Blacksmith even if I turn off my brain! That’s a feat I told ya , it forced me to stimulate my brain to explain why things can get so wrong sometimes . In other words , I turned my brain on and totally focusing on its plot and everything in the end. For your information , I didn’t even turn on my brain when I watch brainy series such as Kaiba and such , so the ability to force me to turn on my brain is really something . Sacred Blacksmith is sure a thought-provoking series.

In the end , Sacred Blacksmith was terrible objectively . However  I really enjoyed it after episode 7  even though it is rubbish . Objectivity doesn’t come into play for me to enjoy a series anyway . For instance , I don’t really find DMC funny . Ok , it is funny but I don’t find it as funny as others find it to be. Well , what can do? I like rubbish series such as Sacred Blacksmith and Kanokon anyway!