You know how you always wish your favourite video game like say Devil May Cry , Final Fantasy or Star Ocean 2 to get an anime because the story seems good and the cut scenes from the game itself look amazing? Like how all those fighting monster and summoning bahamut is really cool and all? However , everytime when they were really animated into anime , they always fail because it is impossible to animate random encounter .

Just when you see lots and lots of video game adaption failing, you gave up hope , you despair then you went to watch Record of The Lodoss War to laugh at the Dungeon and Dragon adaption .

Man! How you can’t laugh at it because that 13 episode ova created by Madhouse was actually good . It is like your wish for your favourite video game adaption came true! With a seemly huge budget and competent animator , failing story due to 99% of the time are beat-them-up of  an adventure rpg  can actually be taken seriously . The lack of personality for characters in the game were also saved by  adding  non-retarded rpg down to earth archetype . You get the haughty Dwarf , the tsundere Elf , the loyal heroic Fighter , timid cleric , wise Magic user and sneaky Thief. This more than familiar archetype further enhance the nostalgia of the  class-race-type rpg you played .

This down to earth fantasy anime is what I am finding for years . I went through awful shit like Tears to Tiara , Nadia and others just to find some old nostalgic fantasy where  class type fighting random monsters were cool and I finally found it. For those that remember the good old days of D&D 2 Shadow over Mystara where you used some cheat code to obtain infinite genie casting and Cure Ring while using Dwarf because he look totally manly and underdog even though he is totally useless , then do catch Record of the Lodess war .

Haha , who am I kidding? I am always late to the game . Who other than me have not watch Record of the Lodess War yet? Let me tell you a secret ; I didn’t even watch one episode of Cowboy Bebop.  Oh and I heard that the only good thing that came up from the TV version is Maaya Sakamoto’s opening song . I heard it , it is really good and animenish like how everybody love .