I will let you in to a secret , I actually thought that K-on is a good show when it first aired ! OMFG! How wrong was I  after knowing what was installed for the subsequent episodes . Seriously though, K-on episode 1 shows lots of potential : Band started out weak but get awesome after sheer determination and training . Manly tears inducing material such as  hard work winning all . A test of friendship through dramatic conflict . Awesome music and awesome concert scene that rock my socks and so on .

However , from episode 2 onwards , we know that none of that happened . Everyone is fucking lazy and doesn’t practise . All they did were pointless shit like eating cakes . Yui acted like a fucktard friend during episode 2 . The music are shitty fluffy songs that weren’t even good . The concert is no “God Knows” at all and finally , there isn’t any tension and drama  . What we got in the end was a fairly well animated pointless series that somehow appeal to the mass . No shit get me as annoyed as I will than being pointless . I dropped Seitokai because it was pointless as well .

I always set my expectation of a series after episode 1 . I speculate what will be installed  in the later part of a series and this often help me not to get disappointed by a series because my speculations were almost always correct .  Even if it was wrong , if it exceed my expectation in a good way , I will like the series even more! Hey , no harm at all doing that right? However there were 2  problems for this – firstly , when a series  turns into shit when it has so much potential and secondly  , your expectation  was shaped by others( prejudice before entering a series or halfway through the series/bias) .

Of course , the first problem is something like K-on for me. One of the many reason why I disliked it  is because I overestimated it . I expected the wrong things and find it such a waste that it became what it is today .  Even though I make it sound like a huge deal , this actually doesn’t affect me much because hey , first ,it is my fault that my speculation wasn’t correct and secondly , I can always lower my expectation like how I am doing it now with Kobato . However , as much as I could change my expectation , I couldn’t change the public’ expectation and this led into the second problem – expectation shaped and set by others.

If you don’t want to go through a few hundred words below , the second type of expectation is prejudice you have due to over hyping . Click here for my usless impression on Sora no Woto .

Annoying raving heighten my expectation even though it should be lowered . This causes me to dislike a series more than I should .Worst still , this expectation is permanent such that I can’t lower it anymore even if I know that I was overestimating things . You know , majority is always right and such? That’s why the expectation that they defined for me shouldn’t be wrong and I couldn’t change it   . However , this kills the show for me if it doesn’t reach the expectation .

Higurashi was the prime example for this. Before I watched it , I really thought that it will be one of the best series out there because everyone was raving about how it was so engaging , psychotic and how all the characters were great because they kill and win Saimoe . It also doesn’t help when people didn’t point the many of its flaws  but only rave it as one of the best thing since sliced human . My friend encouraged me strongly to watch it and told me the same things  about how the mystery is all good and such as well .

However , after 15 episodes or so , I know that they are all bullshitting. The execution ,direction and animation were so bad , it couldn’t possibly be engaging at all! All those psychological bullshit were just fluff! It isn’t even 1/10 as psychotic as Lain and Monster were . The characters were pandering tools and weren’t good at all except from  Mion because her character-type panders to me  . People only think  that the characters were good because all of them were crazy and crazy character was amazing like how genderbending character was refreshing and funny.  As much as I like crazy characters , I had seen better one from Baccano and School Days . Those that didn’t meet their standard even though everyone praise it so much and make it look like it should , will automatically treated as being over-hyped .

With that , I know I should have lower my expectation but as I said above , my expectation became permanent due to the hype . That causes me to be more critical than I should   and I started to nitpick a little too much . I turned on my brain while watching it when I shouldn’t , hence all those flaws became really jarring .  All that finally constitute in  not being able to enjoy Higurashi as much as I should .

K-on is also the victim of the second problem .

This must be the hundredth  time I wrote about K-on and Higurashi because they are such great examples and not because I secretly like  them.  I seldom talk about series that I like because I will just go all raving and illogical which is exactly the same thing as over hyping which is what I complain about above.

Of course , what I said  were mostly subjective .

Actually , all the above is not what I really wanted to say . The most important thing that I want to say is that  , Sora no Woto was decent . But it might just pull another K-on and Higurashi so I must remind myself not to let the hype get into me if it would to be hyped later on .

As for my expectation for it , I don’t think that it won’t turn pointless  . Maybe it will be an enjoyable fill in for me to waste 24min per week and became a decent series in the end . I guess it won’t be all too happy and joy all due to the setting as well. I also expect the music to be good. I expect that I will enjoy it .

All I can say now is that the animation was well done and the setting is interesting . I won’t mention about the characters as characters generally doesn’t appeal to me much . There can be only just so many personality , talking about their archetype will be futile . If they don’t get on my nerve and their voices doesn’t irritate me then I won’t mind about them . I won’t like them as well though , I rarely liked any characters at all .

In other words , I enjoyed episode 1 like how I actually enjoyed K-on episode 1 when I expected all the wrong expectation albeit this time my expectation might not be wrong .

Decent is too much of a praise? Here is my rating system , I didn’t specify it in the past because  no one really care .

To end of , I see lots of people commenting about the K-on character design and got annoyed by it . However , I won’t judge a content by its uncanny resemblance (especially for something as superficial as character design) of other series . Though I won’t dismiss that Sora no Woto do resemble K-on in terms of genre and character design . I thought that it was a pretty great publicity move to attract viewers . Now people are watching to enjoy or to make fun just because they all thought that it will be K-on military style .

Also , I don’t hate show with moe , I hate show with only moe. Not that I like moe though , I stand slightly to the disliking side .