Ending for Dragon Quest 1, there , I spoilt it for you.

Want to be a Dragon Warrior , the true descendant of Roto? Wearing that cool blue armour and getting to date hot princess? Being a king in the end where evil swamp bloom into beautiful flowers? Grinding easy to defeat 6hp metal pieces to reach top-level? What are you waiting for! Come on down and download the Dragon Quest I+II SNES version to enjoy all the above services ! You get to fight dragon and save princess , the upper most dream of every little boy .

We might not have the latest CG interactive cut scene but we have our proudest 16 bit sprite with cute slime drawn by the famous Akira Toriyama! With beautiful 16bit rendered background and tiny cute little figures , travelling around the world  fighting slimes and dragons , we can ensure a fantastic treat for every hardcore gamer out there. To play , just go to any rom site and shamelessly download it . It’s just so easy!!

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Ending for Dragon Quest 2 , there , I spoilt it for you , again .