0.00- 1.23 : Dragon rider(knight , whatever) 07 san trying to create the mysterious atmosphere but failed with boring execution again . I am less than intrigue.

1.50: What’s with that face?!

2.17-2.19 : Woah ,everyone look the same! Even the male character look the same!

3.02 : I bet that this girl is that black thing with scythe , like she is some wolf or god who can reset the time until you are happy .

3.09: FlyingDog , nice sponsor name . This anime is about wolf anyway , I can see the link .

3.19: Chang-er town? Chang-er as in that girl who live on the moon? Wolf is heavily related with moon , I can see the deep symbolism now . Chang-er is some sort of god as well . Wohoo , deep .

3.27: Is that a Benz? Must be Benz.

4.04: Ok , it isn’t a Benz , but at least it uses signal! Hey , in other anime , they don’t do signal when car turns.

4.28: Hahaha , you know how SC said that Busu Kawai is very intriguing even though it is fucking ugly? Mana here is the great example .

4.49: Why does everyone look like plastic doll!? Oh , Peach-Pit did Rozen Maiden before so they are just  meta referencing. Understandable ,  anything Dragon rider san do must be very deep with lots of layers , even though character design isn’t his problem .

5.00: Woah big eyes , make that big and lifeless eyes . Do you know , anime characters have big eyes because it is easier to showcase emotion through  details of the eyes? I don’t know because I am just bullshitting .

5.14-5.16: Nice way of introducing yourself . Come , give girly women lookalike a hug . Man , why don’t girls greet me like that ? I am more handsome than that girly man!

I bet that there must be some deep reason like parasite affecting one’s brain or debating about magic from non magic to explain why girls get attached to that girly man . No no , not your usual harem fare here . Even if it is , fans won’t care because it is psychological.

5.34: Red full moon , wolf! Must be wolf! I bet that  everyone will be acting crazy  next because the red full moon symbolise that things are getting nasty for this anime. Also cicadas cry . Do you remember how everything became crazy when cicadas cry even though cicadas  doesn’t even have anything to do with Higurashi’s main events? It is just there for the sake of being cool and people can make metaphor and deep poem like “when cicadas cry , tragic strike” or something like that.

7.54 -7.58 : Nice CG  or should I say , NICE PLASTIC DOLL RENDERING!

8.48: Don’t hide it , we know already , Mana! You are jealous because plastic doll get jealous easily . You want to hug your onii-chan but can’t because your leg is spoilt .

10.45 -11.22: Why is everyone so friendly?  If my class is like that , I will definitely died with over chessiness . Oh , actually half of me was already dead with my previous class as they  acted as cheesy as they could. They told me about fucking bond but didn’t tell me that the test was postponed ! Fucking bond indeed.

11.42: The inscription on the scythe  is the combination of the celestial stem and earthly branches to symbolise time . The first two-word symbolise the 51st year and the next two symbolise the 52nd year.For the subsequent pair , I am lazy to research but I guess it goes on  orderly .The whole routine has 60 years in total . We will see how this will play out in later episode or it is just there for the sake of being there. Also , it is strange that they didn’t start with Jia Zi , the first year but I guess there might be deeper value to it which need the 51st year to be the first. If not , I am just overestimating it .

The rest of the episode is ok . However  , I don’t know why but  Ryukishi’s story always fails to captivate me . I know it suppose to be intriguing and engaging but I just don’t really care at all . Why are people acting crazy , what’s wrong with Nemuru (spelling) and what’s the legend of the village? I just don’t give a damn . It might be the magic element that ward me off . You can say that Higurashi isn’t all about magic but the root of it is . Even the parasite things deal with magic with Rika being the Queen or something . Mystery just doesn’t work for me if it lacks enough realism .

Well ,if I  could keep up with it , I might watch it but let just say that I used almost 1 hour 30 mins to complete the first episode. I need to  blog while watching  it to keep me engage , otherwise , I might just exit the window and go to sleep .