Recently , I have been contemplating about what  moe really is . As we all know , moe is an abstract idea , vague and used without any rules . The origin said that it is a type of feeling , an affection  , or like what Ken Akamastu said ” a feeling of wanting to protect , a “brotherly love” ” towards character. These affection are mostly causes by attributes of a characters . These attributes mostly are flaws that helped in inducing sympathy or relatability(do we even have this word ? says yes but well… …)/approachability due to being on similar  ground/level . Beware of the word mostly here , there are other attribute as well but this one is one of the few prevalence one .Let’s provide some examples.

Example 1: Makoto from Kanon is moe due to her flaws that helped to induce sympathy . Her weak body , failure in  interacting and other flaws  put herself into a level that is lower than losers . This inspired sympathy from losers because they have similar flaws albeit , not as bad . The “not as bad” helped in turn ,inspired the spirit of wanting to protect because loser understand the characters very well and they know that they wanted that kind of protection they are providing to the characters . Then this understanding of the character and having the sense of protection then again  give them a sense of self-confidence.

This type of moe is  having someone more flawed than you  while the next example although is also about flaws , but the flaws are there to bring someone of a higher ground lower till the extend of approachable.

Example 2:  Mizuno from Nyan Koi is moe due to the relatability reason . She is  a perfect girl – good grade , cute ,and generally good . However , she has flaws such as being an air head and a little slow . This flaws were there to make her more approachable . In other words , she is there for losers that has low self-esteem but wanted to date the perfect girls out there because in reality , girls like her are mostly the stuck up and popular type who are definitely not approachable at all . That’s why there is a need for the anime counterpart to create girls like her who actually cares about average looking guy like you and everyone else but not me . It is pure fantasy for losers.

With that , it is clear that moe characters tend to be flawed , sometimes too flawed that people find it offensive .

So I think we can conclude that moe characters have big weakness .With that , let us analyse why some character archetypes such as tsundere  , yandere and whatever can be considered as moe as well .

Tsundere – The inability to be honest with your own feelings . People loved Tsundere not because they punches guy but because of their “dere” segment where their usual strong front is degraded into being weak and dependent . Weak and dependent is the flaws that give people the “dawwww” moment , that’s why Tsundere is moe .

Yandere – Psychotic bitches that are usually quiet and good but turn nasty when provoked . This is a hard one because even though being crazy is a flaw , it doesn’t bring someone down to become more approachable nor does it induce the sense of protection . Maybe the idea of someone loving a loser till the extend of getting crazy over him makes people “dawww” and feeling moe . I like seeing people turning crazy but I definitely can’t felt moe about them . So I can’t conclude that Yandere is a moe stereotype . It is anyway.

Loli- Underaged character . Loli is moe because it bring out the maternal love for someone young  , helpless and cute . Ken Akamatsu’s “brotherly love” comes into play here . It also share some attribute of the first example I gave above . However  ,as absurd as it sounds , Loli actually originated from something really innocent . During the early days of Japanese cartoon , young underage girl characters  are common . The reason is that cartoon is generally for kids and what characters other than kids themselves can be the greatest cast for it? Also , during that time , the kids being very useful  is also common for story . Hayao Miyazaki created lots of underage girl characters and that is a good example .

But people , especially otaku are loser and because they are loser , they are twisted . They look at those kids with a twisted mind , treating them as sexual gratification object . After this trend was noticed , anime studio started to create series  that aim at this group of people to pander to them.

So how can we differentiate true loli from “fake” one? We look at the intention of the author of course!  If  a series is obviously targeted toward lolicon , then it is “loli moe” , if not then it isn’t . But oh well , for a  lolicon , every loli is moe .Even innocent children biting cucumber could be seen as biting penises and cute innocent upskirt bloomer could be seen as showing panties . So we shouldn’t even bother to differentiate them . Pretty Cure , Zettai Karen Children and everything Mahou Shoujo are loli material! They are evil! We don’t care about their targeted audience and their intention and call them loli fucking material anyway!

Silent type , the descendant of Rei . This character type is moe because they failed in communication skill , which in turn sounds a lot like some loser group that you and I know too well . I think  that is enough .

Last but not least , shy girl next door with a bit/ a lot of air head tendency . They are moe because they are approachable . Well , they are shy anyway.  Also air head can be seem as dumb . They shared some attributes of the second example I gave, though they may not be perfect and can be very average at times .

Personally , I prefer this type of moe character type because they are the most realistic one . Ha! Realistic I said and yes , I mean it . I liked Shiori from Kanon 2006 out of the bunch of other retarded one because she is the most normal and realistic one , except from that illness which made her the sick girl type- another type of moe archetype that I won’t share here. I meant it when I say that they are realistic because I have seen quite a lot of real life girl acted like them. Totally normal and realistic can be moe as shown in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei whereby every girl  is a moe stereotype . Shy girl next door just have a high probability of being the most normal character out there because their characteristic is prevalance in the real world as well.

Of course , there are many other types such as the weird one ( Denpa or whatever) as well but we won’t get on to that because they aren’t as important as what I want to say now .

You see , the word moe is so diluted and forever changing so dynamically , its meaning changes into something so abstract now . Someone like Hatsune Miku can be moe even though she doesn’t have any personality .  It is like she isn’t even weak or flawed or anything to be moe . That’s how the word moe have evolve . It might not even produce any “brotherly love” for something to be moe now .

This bring us to another two prominent attribute of contemporary moe – cute and pandering . Every moe characters must be cute but every cute character may or may not be moe . This again is like loli , we decide it by the intention of their author .However no one really care about that because everything can be moe and author’s intention does not worth anything . Not to mention , cute or not can be subjective at times.

But that isn’t important , what’s important is  that , this cuteness then again turns into a pandering tools that pander to people’s taste . Love spectacles? Give the character one and they became moe . Love maid? Give them the costume and they are moe again . Those bespectacled girl and maid may not even be weak or flawed to be moe .

This is what piss me off with moe . There are lots of shitty maid anime because of this and I don’t even care about maid or anything . Moe helped in churning out shit and uses it as their structure and neglect any story , plot , theme and whatever . This is what I defined as moeshit , shit that have nothing but moe . Now you know why I don’t consider Kanon as moeshit.

I don’t hate moe because they rendered the characters weak or something . I don’t like them because they are pandering tools that I don’t care ! Simple huh? It is true that rendering characters as totally weak is wrong but man , pornography is wrong and I am still watching it . The wrong is too minor a problem for me that it never crosses my mind . Also , I don’t care about characters enough for them to piss me off.  Weak , shit , sucks , losers , playboy , Makoto , Takayuki , gay , lesbian, nerd ,bitches , badguy, generic, tits too huge , whiny, morally wrong and  whatever. No one pisses or bothers me  . That does not mean that I can’t like a character , it is just that I don’t pay as much attention to them as others did. This character issue will be for the next tl;dr post .

So to end off ,  who(what) is your favourite moe character (type) or why you like or hate moe .  If you hate moe , then do you have any special “moe show” that you liked?  If yes , why and how?

Don’t care about those questions , I am just baiting for comments because no one could possibly have enough patience to read through every words above . Do point out mistakes and inconsistencies though because I am lazy to proof read or simply just have no idea what I am talking about. No , me being a loser is not a inconsistency .