So recently , I have been re reading Onani Master Kurosawa and man , isn’t it a godly work? The portrayal is so realistic the main character has totally similar thinking process as mine! I remember the first time I read it like about 8 months ago , it causes so much impact on me , I got really emotional for a few days . I even plan to write a full-blown epic post but drop that idea because no amount of words can illustrate how godly it is . You know how we don’t really rave and talk much about our favourite thing even though we know that we can die peacefully now since we have seen the masterpiece already? Onani Master Kurosawa is like that.

Yesterday , when my friend was finding some stupid shonen like lol D gray man to read , I recommended him Onani Master Kurosawa and man , how dare he defile the godly Onani Master Kurosawa by reading it side by side with shit like D Gray Man?! BlasphemyI told you, blasphemy! Worse still is that he was more attracted to a stupid hotdog picture rather than getting all engrossed into Onani Master Kurosawa and that is like the stupidest thing people can do! Man , how I raged at the utterly bad taste of him . Another friend is worse , he stopped after 3 pages and started to play shitty chinese pop song that can’t even match the single atom of the godly Onani Master Kurosawa ! The world is doomed , no one spare a thought for masterpiece but give so much attention at stupid chinese pop song and hotdog picture . Doom I told ya .

So yea , I also read a few pages and man , I malfunctioned . I froze there , getting all emotional yet again just after a few pages . I struggled , trying to break through this depression because I can’t stay malfunction as I have a class later on . That’s why I forced myself to stop reading it and man , half of my body cells died instantly after doing that . No joke I told ya.

What’s the point of this post you asked? To urge everyone who doesn’t have the blessing of reading a page of Onani Master Kurosawa to read it now of course! You should stop all your work and everything and spare a few hours to read the whole 30 chapters of Onani Master Kurosawa now and you can die after that I don’t care , but don’t die before reading it . <- English Scan <- The Chinese Scan